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Two schools in the Greater Clark County School District will get over $20,000 from the state to make fresh produce available to students.

Seven members of Greater Clark County Schools’ administrative team will change roles starting with t

BAM Ireland is using AI in construction, machine learning, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to turn the minutiae of construction data into tangible benefits.

Granta is changing medical implant design and fabrication for patients who suffer head trauma. Find out how the team creates custom skull implants.

As resources become more limited, circular design is the foundation of the circular economy. Learn about circular design principles, benefits, and real-world examples.

Autodesk University London is underway, and this year we’re excited to come together with customers and partners to talk about some of the biggest and most impactful changes that are happening across their industries.

In the final two days of classes, Jeffersonville High School put a new spin on the annual demonstration hoping to make it stick with students.

BMW and Daimler should consider joint development of an EV platform to reduce costs and boost scale in a similar way to VW, which has said it is willing to share its MEB electric architecture with rivals.

The death of Daimler's Smart brand in North America last week is a lesson in timing and mission, an example of a brand unable to gain traction in a market where it was just too small.

Now is not the time to take our foot off the accelerator. China is rapidly expanding battery and vehicle production.

It can be a scary time for recruiters in today's tight automotive market, with stiff demand for talent at almost every sector of the industry.

Disruption met Detroit in a trio of deals announced last week. And this time, it was a good thing.

The prevailing assumption that the current AV leaders will continue to dominate the market underestimates the profundity of the changes that autonomous vehicles will bring over the next decade.

The first time I rode in a self-driving car was in 2007. And it did not inspire confidence in me.

Jose Munoz comes to Hyundai with a reputation for being the architect of Nissan's brand-destroying stair-step incentives. He has a lot to prove to his new dealers.

In America about 40,000 people die on America's roads every year. Where's the outrage?

There are 2 million people with a disability who never leave their home because they cannot drive.

When the job market favors employees as it has for the past year, what’s an employer to do? To start, consider the wants and needs of today’s workers. Through more than 100 consecutive months of job gains, quite a few midsize companies have proved that they’re up to the challenge.

The consolidation of big data within ad agencies with deep relationships with vehicle producers is now clear. Data will become the auto industry's new oil.

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Streamlining the financing process at a dealership doesn't always take a complete overhaul. Sometimes a small enhancement can smooth and accelerate the process.

See how generative design is making it possible for AEC professionals to quickly generate, evaluate and evolve design options.

GREENVILLE — Greenville is serious about its upcoming bicentennial parade. So serious that town officials got the Indiana Department of Transportation to close a section of U.S. 150 for the