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New research shows two very different outcomes for the continent based on our actions.

With governments increasingly focused on building a STEM pipeline, they are potentially excluding those with the backgrounds required to maximize the benefits of technology.

Modern biologists need skills their older colleagues never did, including coding and the ability to work with vast amounts of data.

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Our phones have become a "phantom limb" that hamper real connections and creativity, argues the photographer Eric Pickersgill.

A new study from China has found children who are exposed to fine particulate pollution are at significantly greater risk of developing autism.

Investment in green, efficient urban centres is central to China's long-term plans for growth.

A free online tool tracks the economic risks of coal-fired electricity throughout the world, plant by plant. Its data empowers policy-makers, investors and civil society to give the taxpayer and consumer what they want most of all - least-cost energy.

The cancer's DNA binds to gold particles and a positive result creates a visible colour change in the testing fluid.

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Adoption rates are higher in wealthy economies but that's only half the story.

Despite its rapidly ageing demographic, Asia has an opportunity to capitalise on its wealth of experience.

Japanese scientists have developed an artificial intelligence system that can tell what you're looking at.

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New York City has launched a scheme to prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfill and waterways.

About seventy-eight million dogs live in the United States and 56% of dog owners say they drive with their dog in the car at least once a month.

If we all limited red meat to once a week it would make a profound impact on carbon emissions, new research shows.

Is it Safe to Drive with Low Tire Pressure? Read our blog post to learn more about low tire pressure and what you should do about it.

As the majority of the world's population moves to cities, will we see a shift in soft power away from nation states?