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Researchers have taught an artificial intelligence system to look at photos of food, analyse the ingredients and suggest similar recipes.

NYS Teaching Certification (Birth-Grade 2) *OR* In an education plan leading to NYS Teaching Certification within 2 years after commencing employment
Experience in classroom management
Establish and maintain an environment fostering healthy relationships among staff, volunteers, and children
Follow all ECE policies
Attends all training and meetings as established by ECE and JPS
Addresses all problems, concerns, etc. with the Program Director (ECE Director),…

New research suggests that the antiviral properties of fungi could help to fight colony collapse disorder.

Scientists are working on 3D printing new reef habitats to replace those lost from climate change, overfishing and pollution.

MOBILE APP USERS: LISTEN HERE Originally airing Friday, Oct. 4, 2018 WRFA’s Jason Sample talks with Steven Ald from Southern Tier Environments for Living, Jacqueline Chiarot Phelps from YWCA …

Learning how to jack up a car and support it before you start doing your own oil changes or making repairs is vital to your safety.

Unless your vehicle is sitting in a climate-controlled garage under glass, it’s going to take a beating. The weather, the road, and age all take their toll on your automobile, and all of them are causing wear and tear at the same time.

While many people consider themselves supportive of equality, diversity and inclusion, they may have hidden biases that prevent them from growing into better versions of themselves.

Parent Network of WNY is proud to announce their workshops and family and caregiver group in Chautauqua County! The next workshop on October 1, "What is Special Education?" will inform attendees about the special education process, Committee on Special Education, and the best way to speak up for your child. The October 22 workshop, "How to Speak …

Here's a look at the history of cruise control, how best to use it and the latest self-driving car developments involving this technology.

JAMESTOWN – Bert Coffman from the Stonewall Rebellion Veterans’ Association will be speaking about his participation in the June 1969 Stonewall “Riots” in the Jamestown Community College stud…

Fall is practically here. Are you bundled up? Save on our sweatshirts with our limited-time promotion, running from September 24 to October 31st!

At the Sustainability Development Impact Summit 2018, the World Economic Forum connected 100 world-leading coalitions to turn commitments into action on climate change and sustainable development.

From choosing superfoods to finding support on social media, Green Monday founder David Yeung offers his tips.

When buying sustainably, ethically sourced goods costs more. Our system is flawed and businesses are beginning to realise that sustainability isn't a nice add-on, but a necessity.

Go Places Here… The Resource Center has been providing services to persons with disabilities in the Chautauqua County area since 1958. From our humble beginnings as a gathering of parents and concerned citizens who wanted to provide educational and training opportunities for persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities, The Resource Center has grown into a …

Big Sister Portsha grew up with a very busy single mother. Her mom didn’t really have time to craft or read, or to be silly with Portsha and try to touch the tip of her nose with her tongue, as Portsha liked doing. She was devoted to working and providing for Portsha and didn't have a lot of spare time. Because of this, Portsha felt she was missing a mentor in her life, so she made mentors for herself out of pop culture…