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NAPA AutoCare is the trusted name in auto repair for your vehicle. Serving your community since 1984.

For all those times you lifted us up and for the dizzying moments you swung us high in the air, thank you to Dads everywhere! This scene took place on Reflec...

A Tier 2 North American Hockey League team will once again play at the Northwest Arena. On Tuesday, city, arena and team officials announced that the former P

CHERRY CREEK — The Moss family mainly keeps farming a family affair, and they have for decades, evolving from a 40-cow establishment in Cherry Creek to one

"KentuckianaWorks partners with local employers to build stronger workforce"
You may have heard of programs like Code Louisville and SummerWorks, but you may not know how KentuckianaWorks is working behind the scenes with the area's top employers to solve their workforce challenges.

Much like other students in attendance for Bemus Point Central District’s 17th annual Academics Award Night, Allyssa Seeley received an award. However, upon r

With advancements in technology and new research on what impacts employee engagement and productivity, the definition of “flexible work” has evolved and can be interpreted many different ways for t…

Not everyone is born simply wondering as an infant when your next meal will be or when your diaper might be changed. Some are born with problems outside of thei

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The CTG Technical Blog is intended as a source of information on subjects related to industrial and precision cleaning technology. The writer of the blog, John Fuchs, has 40+ years of experience covering the entire gamut of cleaning. Mr. Fuchs has extensive knowledge of ultrasonic cleaning technology having been employed by Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics and its predecessors since 1968. The blog is also intended to…

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WEST ELLICOTT — The Kmart on Fairmount Avenue in West Ellicott and Sears at the Chautauqua Mall, stores for years that dodged closings while hundreds of other

New York state spent 90 percent more at its public schools in 2016 than the national average per-pupil cost. The U.S. Census Bureau recently released its 2016

Know Your Signs and Signals
Passive signs and active traffic control devices are installed along roads that cross railroad tracks both on the approach and at the highway-rail grade crossing to regulate, warn or guide traffic
They alert drivers to the presence of railroad tracks and to the possibility of an approaching train. These signs and devices also provide a safety message and remind the driver…

"Anyone looking for a fresh start in a new job should definitely go through this program. I currently work for Kellogg's and the pay is great! I was a step above most of the new hires because of the things I have learned in M-TEC."

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The Supreme Council, 33°, in Lexington, MA, is the governing body of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, U.S.A.

Kansas has put up a sign marking the place where two DUI victims died. It's a touching memorial, which should spur better DUI laws.

Police learn ways to detect drunk drivers. These include interpreting signs such as the inability to make eye contact, a tendency to be over-talkative or over-friendly, or failing to answer questions properly. Some of these signals can be subtle. And sometimes a driver rear-ends a police car. A squad car in La

The German elevator manufacturer has developed technology that will not only reduce wait times, but expand design possibilities.

A new report from MADD confirms, once again, that ignition interlocks work. Last year they stopped more than 350,000 drunk driving incidents.

"It is with great honor that I present Kathy Keeney with the first annual League of Railway Women Hall of Fame award," said Tanis Petersen, LRW President. "Kathy's tenure with the League of Railway Women (formerly League of Railway Industry Women) has been instrumental to the success of our organization and to the careers of many. We are pleased to acknowledge and thank Kathy for her leadership, vision and inspiration that has created a legacy for women in the railroad industry."
Kathy, a…

Every three hours someone is hit by a train in the United States. On foot or in a vehicle, the result is the same — severe injury or even death. Operation Lifesaver teaches you and your loved ones how to be safe around railroad tracks, grade crossings and transit platforms.

The industry for urban innovation is booming. Smart technologies are catering to cities looking to boost connectivity and sustainability. Tech giant Alphabet now goes one step further and plans to build an entire smart waterfront in Toronto – via it urban innovation company Sidewalk Labs.