Church of God in Jacksonville FL

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  • New Journey Church

    Church of God in Love Grove-Riviera Manor, Jacksonville

    2215 Bartram Rd Love Grove-Riviera Manor Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 725-7688

  • World Mission Society Church of God

    Church of God in Sunbeam, Jacksonville

    3956 Sunbeam Rd Ste 1 Sunbeam Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 551-3879

  • New Life at Park ST Church

    Church of God in Hillcrest, Jacksonville

    5965 Park St Hillcrest Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 388-8925

  • Shepherds Fold Church of God

    Church of God in Arlington Manor, Jacksonville

    5629 Merrill Rd Arlington Manor Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 743-7816

  • Greater Miracle Mission C o G I C

    Church of God in Alderman Park, Jacksonville

    7505 Arlington Expy Alderman Park Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 379-0243

  • Church of God & Saints of Christ

    Church of God in 29th And Chase, Jacksonville

    3401 Stuart St 29th And Chase Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 358-2291

  • Calvary Chapel

    Non-Denominational Churches in Jacksonville, FL

    11230 Old Kings Rd Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 765-4466

  • Apostolic Church of God in Christ

    Church of God in Royal Terrace, Jacksonville

    2032 Benedict Rd Royal Terrace Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 765-3293

  • Church of God

    Church of God in Rolling Hills, Jacksonville

    8076 Ramona Blvd W Rolling Hills Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 781-5368

  • Higher Ground Ministries

    Church of God in Lake Forest Hills, Jacksonville

    2514 Van Gundy Rd Lake Forest Hills Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 924-1416

  • Mandarin Church of God of Prophecy

    Church of God in Southwood, Jacksonville

    3844 Burnett Park Rd Southwood Jacksonville, FL

    (904) 262-1175