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According to Einhorn Insurance, American Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers make the list of 10 of the most dangerous dogs that are blacklisted by insurers.

All of that data is attractive to cyber thieves. N.Y. Department of Financial Services analyzes 43 insurance firms and their cyber security measures

You need confidence that if there is a loss, fire or major catastrophe, your insurer will be there to minimize the disruption to your business.

A DOT funding bill that would keep in place the hours-of-service restart rollback that came in December has cleared the U.S. House, passing by just six votes at nearly midnight on Tuesday.

Insurance representatives told California lawmakers last week that access to data generated by autonomous vehicles will be key to their industry’s ability to write policies and assess liability in the emerging market.

According to Einhorn Insurance American Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers make the list of 10 of the most dangerous dogs that are blacklisted by insurers.

Using data is nothing new to insurance carriers and actuaries. Yet the boom in advanced analytics is driving fundamental change.

Learn how a consumer-centric online billing platform can turn the billing process into a vehicle for boosting business and customer satisfaction.

InsurTech and BenTech (benefits tech) are disrupting the insurance industry and carriers are struggling to keep up. Life insurance carriers are stagnating, with premiums falling at an average annual rate of 4% since 2014 according to a Forbes article[i]. To slow and reverse these disruptive trends, carriers must effectively exploit every channel and proven solution available to them – the question is, where to start?
Which channel(s) do I pick? Distributing through some channels comes...

Gary R. Sitter Insurance Agency works with the top insurance carriers in Pennsylania to give you the best choice, pricing, and coverage options.

Carriers can learn from these innovators' focus on how to improve the customer experience with simplified processes, refined product structures and personalized market.

The insurance industry's stance on environmental issues is far from selfless. Many scientists believe that climate change strengthens the force of natural disasters, causing serious increases in insured losses and bad news for policy providers. So there are financial reasons that some carriers lead the way in corporate environmental responsibility. Innovate to protect: The United States has dealt with a series of increasingly intense and destructive…

We gathered 20 executives from the country's largest health & voluntary insurance carriers for a forum on consumerism. Here's an overview of our discussion.

Benefitfocus, Inc. (NASDAQ: BNFT), a leading provider of cloud-based benefits management software, today announced its Certified Carrier Program.

An FMCSA committee will meet this month to begin work on the agency's plan to raise the minimum amount of liability insurance required by carriers.

A personal injury settlement mill is a high volume law practice that attempts to mass produce the settlement of injury claims while utilizing aggressive

Brokers Have Until Feb 6th to Influence the carrier liability insurance increase proposed by the FMSCA.

Clinical trial liability insurance has been around for more than two decades. But as the development and testing of new drugs has gone global, risks in the

Amazon has tapped into an important consumer behavior that more auto carriers might want to embrace in today’s choice-driven world.

Q: The Sept. 20 article on Dr. Mohamad Harb’s $4 million settlement ($2.5 million from the city, $1.5 million from Hall Ambulance) included a comment from City Attorney Ginny Gennaro