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No sooner has the World Cup in Russia wrapped up, one of its newly-built tournament stadiums has been damaged by heavy rain.

Australia's official job figures are out today, the local currency rebounds to almost US74c, Amazon was briefly valued at $US900 billion, and Google cops a record fine from the EU competition regulator.

It's never been easier for players to switch clubs, and the lure of bigger dollars has seen many take full advantage. But when it comes to post-footy careers, being a one-club player can be very valuable, writes Clint Thomas.

Florida's Tax Free Weekend runs from Friday, August 3 - Sunday, August 5
Attend your school’s orientation.
Check school hours. Some schools have changed their hours – Be on time.
Bus routes – How will my student get to school? Check bus routes by calling Transportation at 381-RIDE (7433) or check the website at www.duvalschools.org/transportation
Make certain your student knows how to get home each day. Make certain the school knows the plan.
Make sure you meet the school dress code.
Plan for…