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The annual Global Peace Index reveals the most – and least peaceful – countries in the world.

Way back in 2005, before the superhero boom really took over, director Francis Lawrence brought DC character John Constantine to the big screen with Constantine, a film that starred Keanu Reeves as the cigarette-smoking title character. Since then, of course, Matt Ryan has taken over the role, but Reeves reveals in a new chat that […]

This week was an exciting one; the 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off, the movie Booksmart, directed by Olivia... Read More

If you decided to skip a summer vacation this year due to finances, now is the perfect time to open a custom savings account to start saving for next year
One excellent way to start on the path toward vacation freedom is to start a custom savings account for your vacation and pad it in ways that don’t involve too much sacrifice or discomfort. Here’s how:
Step 1: Open a custom savings account at Coastline
In order to give your vacation fund an…

Tue, May 14, 2019, 6:30 PM: Richard Winters, 5/14/2019Business 101: Applying Traditional Concepts to Digital MarketingYour ultimate goal is to increase profits in your business, right? It’s easy to ge

With a cohesive leadership team driving the business, Esquire is in a period of acceleration—we are doing more and doing it faster. We’ve improved our efficiency without losing focus on increasing our revenue and profitability.

NATIONAL BIRTH MOTHER’S DAY National Birth Mother’s Day is observed the Saturday before Mother’s Day. This day has been set aside as a day for birth mothers to acknowledge and support o…

What is camp? Camp is a type of aesthetic that expresses exaggerated fashion, it was also this year’s theme of... Read More

Adoption can be a gift. If you can’t take care of your baby, adoption is a way of giving him or her a better life. If you can’t have a child, it gives you the opportunity to have the family that you always wanted
However, adoption isn’t always easy as you may think. Whether you are placing your baby up for adoption or you are looking to adopt, it takes time to get ready to go through the whole process.
Here are some…

If you were to compress human species into a nine-to-five working day, then cities don’t arrive until after 4:59 pm

Our April pick for the World Economic Forum Book Club was Beth Comstock's book, Imagine It Forward: Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change.

Companies are improving their performance management processes with an enhanced focus on in-the-moment feedback, geared more toward fueling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past.

Sand is one of the world’s most heavily exploited natural resources, and soaring demand for it in construction and land reclamation means it’s being extracted at a faster rate than the planet can replenish it.

Here are the winners of the Sun Sentinel's 2019 Top Workplaces.

World-leading climate scientists took a closer look at how rising temperatures would affect the planet. This is what they found.

A new technological leap forward in the property sector is creating confident businesses, effective governments and safe citizens, says Jeremy Kelly of cities research centre JLL.

Over the past couple of years, scientists have revealed the worrying prevalence of microplastics in virtually every environment around the world.

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Brian Gully Sr. was born in Hawaii and put up for adoption at birth. His parents provided a life nothing less of short, he said. But, there was always a part of him he felt was missing. After years of searching for that part, finally making a life-changing breakthrough - finding his biological mom.

Follow these leadership tips to turn your business into one that consistently outperforms the competition.

My boyfriend and I BOTH purchased a car for ourselves from Cain. Cain was super friendly and nice and gave us all the facts of the car without any pressure. We are both happy with the service, the car...

An Oregon Sheriff's office entered a home bathroom prepared to confront a burglar. Instead, they found a trapped robotic vacuum making a ruckus.

Lawyers around the world get a lot of grief...just for being lawyers. Jokes are made about them and they consistently rank as one of the least respected professions on the planet* (ranked just above...

Earn these coveted letters after your name and put yourself on the short list of reporters who seem to get the best jobs.
There are only 211 who have earned this designation since the gold-standard test for realtime competency was first introduced by CalDRA in 1997. Join the elite by becoming number 212.

The all-new 2020 Ford Escape offers plenty of second-row leg room, selectable drive modes, available Intelligent all-wheel drive, available 575-watt 10-speak...

Feel like you're stuck? It can get that way at a job that's just a job. Here are some tips to break that cycle.

In hopes of inspiring and helping others who might be considering adoption themselves, this Auburn, Nebraska, mom is sharing a few tips and some insight from her family's adoption journey.

In a challenging labor market that saw the U.S. unemployment rate hover around 3.9% throughout 2018, employers are increasingly looking for ways they can beat the trend and meet their hiring goals. With qualified candidates at a premium, employers must examine how they’re presenting themselves to the interviewee, in order to effectively assess candidates while …

Considering influencer marketing for your brand? Here are six reasons it might be a smart addition to your marketing plan.

Music-lovers who came of age in the 1980s will tell you how important trading mix-tapes was to them when they were ‘finding themselves.’ They found some of their future favorite bands and …

Dozens of documentaries, feature movies, short films, live music and cartoons are coming to Sun-Ray Cinemas in Five Points for the third Sleeping Giant

More people die from breathing unclean air in Europe every year than are killed in road traffic accidents. Isn’t it time something was done?