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Small Business Group, Inc. is an accounting firm specializing in helping Entrepreneurs grow their businesses through bookkeeping, counseling, and workshops located in Jacksonville, FL.

By Ben Kinsey, CPA
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One of the reasons to own a business is to eventually sell it. Whether the motivation to sell is to retire or simply to start another business is immaterial. The most salient thing you need to consider if you hope to consummate a sale is to make the sale appealing to the buyer. To accomplish that, you need to understand the process involved, the mistakes to be avoided and the time it takes to create…

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Feedback on what you're doing wrong at work can set you on the path to success. Here are some tips.

Music, dance and comedy among skills showcased at popular Kakuma Got Talent competition. provides ACH payments processing, automates your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

For anyone who has asked, or anyone who wants to see what controlled panic looks like, the TED Talk I gave in October as part of TEDxJacksonville 2018 now

I have good news for contractors concerning long term construction contracts. The 2017 Tax Act can save you money and reduce your accounting hassles. As long as your business does less than $25 million in gross receipts and the contract duration is over a year in length, you will be able to use cash accounting as opposed to the percentage of completion method you are currently forced to embrace. In the past, long term construction contracts had to be reported using the percentage…

"If we want to put people first, we have to know what matters to them, what improves their well-being."

Transparency, third-party testing and technology reviews by humans are among the tech giant's regulation plans.

Jacksonville boasts an array of museums that showcase art and history. Taking a closer look, can you name the institutions that house these works? * * * ANSWER KEY: 1. Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens; 2. Karpeles Manuscript Museum; 3. Museum of Science & History; 4. Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville (©Jackie Saccoccio, Time (Smelt) …

This Little Light Of Mine from the DVD "Let It Shine!" Check out more videos from Listener Kids: The B-I-B-L-E Yes Thats The Book For Me

Drs. Mullens & Nguyen have, in my opinion, the best dental practice in Jacksonville and the best I have experienced from living in different cities all over this country. Their team is the most caring and responsive my wife and I have known. Do yourself a favor and give this group of caring professionals a try. You won't want to go anywhere else.

One of the largest study of genees and colorectal cancer risk has identified 40 new genetic variants and validated 55 previously identified variants that increased risk for colon cancer.

Charlotte Office Earns N.C. Pro Bono Award
Left: Partner Paul Osowski accepts the award from Cindy Patton, managing attorney of Legal Aid of North Carolina, Inc
The Firm’s Charlotte office has earned the Legal Aid of North Carolina Outstanding Firm Service Award for its volunteer support of Legal Aid's housing protection work. The pro bono award was presented by Legal Aid along with the Charlotte Center…

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Integrating an MR scanner with a static proton beam line reveals the technical feasibility of simultaneous proton irradiation and MR imaging

Even our clothes are made of plastic, with the average U.S. citizen generating over 90 pounds of textile waste each year.

"Many societies need rewiring to ensure advances in the economy connect more directly to improvements in regular people’s lives."

Hundreds of pieces of chocolate, gallons of frosting, and pounds of ginger collide to make the holidays a little sweeter, with area resorts and organizations creating spectacular gingerbread homes just in time for the holidays. The World’s Largest Gingerbread Pirate Ship anchors at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island until December 28. The 17-foot edible ship is …

There’s strength in numbers. With seven distinct personalities, Juice distills rock, r&b and hip-hop into a signature sound with a distinct kick of electric violin, rich harmonies, honest lyrics, and festival-worthy choruses. The Boston septet—Ben Stevens [lead vocals], Michael Ricciardulli [guitar], Rami El-Abidin [bass], Christian Rose [violin, vocals], Kamau Burton [acoustic guitar, vocals], Daniel Moss …

Low unemployment, falling birth rates, and the drive toward diversity mean employers are taking a more inclusive view of what makes a potential employee.

A British designer has used his background in aeronautical engineering to develop sustainable clothes a child won't grow out of for three years.

It felt like time to switch gears. In 2017, Andy Frasco reached a fork in the road. Renowned for a jubilant jambalaya of rule-breaking rock n roll his career kept rolling ahead at full steam. To date, he had released three independent albums, chronicled a German gig in front of 15,000 screaming fans on the …

The most successful companies will need to learn how to transition seamlessly between different strategy implementation approaches.

Finding human connection in a crowded city is often hard. But this organization has a novel approach to tackling the problem of urban loneliness: street listening.