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Access to clean drinking water and sanitation is a basic human right, according to the United Nations. However billions of people around the world continue to drink contaminated water and suffer the consequences. This includes a number of dangerous diseases, including diarrhea diseases and cholera. When humanitarian travellers make their way to communities where development …

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Ah, spring is in the air…wipe your eyes and blow that runny nose. It’s time for spring cleaning, keeping those items that bring us joy and

Today, we are pleased to debut the new album by Little Vicious! Little Vicious are on the rock end of punk rock. This band loves big, fuzzy riffs, pounding drums, and there's even a little stevie Wonder style funk here and there. Meanwhile, vocalist Marguerite King has got one hell of a set of pi...

Parshat Behar – On the Mount Leviticus 25:1-26:2 Haftarah: Jeremiah 32:6-27 B’rit haChadasha: Luke 4:14-22

“We had over 200 reservations already on hold, when our Raptim agent noticed some lower inventories (...) she lowered our airfare costs by USD 42,700.”

Bernadette Joy helps others become financially stable and now she’s sharing how she paid off two mortgages and student debt with her husband.

A struggle in Austria over control of sensitive institutions of the state, including its intelligence agency, threatens to redefine Europe’s postwar democracies.

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Cofounder Jessica Richman presented herself as years younger than she was, in an apparent effort to be included in articles showcasing young founders.

5/16/2019 by Dr. Jason Post
Blood pressure is all about the numbers. And those numbers have changed. Until recently, blood pressure was considered high with a reading of 140/80 or above. But research, which led to the new guidelines, now identifies 130/80 as high blood pressure and healthy blood pressure as 120/80. One result of these guidelines is that more people are being diagnosed as having high blood pressure, allowing their health care teams to intervene sooner. So what does this mean for…

It wasn't Howard Wilkinson's job to investigate his bank's clients, but a colleague's request led him to find possibly the biggest money-laundering case in history. 60 Minutes reports, Sunday

In Africa, civil wars and suffering are frequent phenomena. Those tragic events are still happening even today as we speak. But, we have to remember that life on the continent that houses 1.1 billion people is getting better. There is a growing number of middle-class people living in Africa, partly because of the help received in the last decades. However, there still is a lot of work to be done.

A mission to bust criminal activity in massage parlors across Florida turned into a monumental legal victory for Super Bowl champion owner Robert Kraft. The billionaire's lawyers successfully argued that the sneak-and-peek warrant allowing the covert surveillance was an unlawful invasion of privacy. Legal observers who watched the prostitution case unravel say the sting was doomed from the start.

Planned construction in Duval on I-95 south ramp from Exit 357 Edgewood, on-ramp closed. Last updated at 03:01:36AM.

the time you spend with your child. You don’t need much time or expensive lessons or
toys to participate in any of the activities listed!

The judges ruled Congress’ authority extends to setting rules for participation in state and local elections.

Miami Beach hotels trying to get another year to implement panic button systems say it will cost them up to $500,000 per hotel. Panic button vendors say they can provide the technology for a fraction.

Free Shipping on Pool Tables in the Continental U.S
We offer free nationwide shipping on pool tables to most residential addresses within the Continental U.S. (excluding AK & HI). There are a few exceptions where a delivery surcharge may apply, so if you live in a rural area, or a location where access for a freight delivery truck might be restricted, please call us to confirm that free shipping is available to your address. Customers in AK, HI or outside the U.S. can…

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