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Weather forecast for Jacksonville, Florida, live radar, satellite, severe weather alerts, hour by hour and 10 day forecast temperatures and Hurricane tracking from WJXT News4Jax.

Cracks found in the concrete of the new Pensacola Bay Bridge have twice halted construction, raising concerns about oversight and transparency.

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A single cash advance is typically for two to four weeks. However, borrowers often use these loans over a period of months, which can…

A veteran Jacksonville Sheriff's Office administrator investigated for previous issues with civilians has retired after an internal affairs review was

iEnhance connects people looking to enhance their look with a directory of cosmetic surgery experts and information for enhancing their body, image, and health.

The process of branding was developed to act as a guard for businesses against failures. Branding enforces ownership and differentiation. It all started in the 1500s when unique marks were used to specify ownership of the cattle. Different marks were used by different people to differentiate...

Miami Republican Carlos Curbelo’s latest effort to shift the climate-change debate within the Republican Party by introducing a carbon tax that funds $700 billion in infrastructure improvements has a long way to go.

In an effort to alleviate your financial woes, we asked our readers to provide some effective tips for saving you some serious dough.

A study in the journal Pediatrics links lack of sleep to higher odds for heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. It found that less than a third of kids get the recommended amount of sleep.

We all have one room in our home that is a little smaller then the rest. We all run into this issue and try to make this space seem twice as big. here are some tips on how to make that small room feel bigger! 

Business mobile applications rule the current trends and there are plenty of mobile app developers in Florida. A lot on this topic is still unclear. A business, commercial or professional organization may require development of a mobile application for which it is ready to invest financial resources. But a professional entity which requires the development of a mobile application will have not have the expertise on how the process works or on the variants of mobile apps.

SUPPLEMENTS – WHAT SHOULD I TAKE? By, Dr. Jon Repole, DC, NC, HHP, CPT, CFMP So the looming question in this blog post is simply – If I eat what I consider a healthy, balanced diet, is it necessary for me to take supplements? The answer...

Canada is running out of space for commercial real estate, but Toronto is feeling it the most. Toronto is actually the most constrained industrial market in North America, with only 2.2 per cent availability. And given its central location and demographics

Some development fundamentalists think that aid should never be spent directly in the national interest. At the other extreme, some people—apparently including the UK Treasury—believe all development cooperation should be directly win-win. Both these polar opposites are dangerously wrong: the truth is in-between.

The Advanced Safety and Security Course HEAT+ (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) prepares you for working and travelling in high & extreme risk a…

A federal magistrate judge ordered a Russian woman charged with serving as a foreign agent into custody ahead of her trial after prosecutors said she was a flight risk.

From work, school, and finances, to friends, family, and first dates, pretty much every aspect of our lives can (and will) be a cause of stress at some point. Chronic stress can have a long-term, negative impact on both your mental and physical healt…

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This might just be the greatest quote in Miami public-corruption history. It's all right there — the cold desperation, the plea for mercy, the ina...

The Benefits of a Payday Loan
Approximately 12 million Americans turn to payday loans to meet their short-term cash needs every year. After all, things happen. Your car breaks down, your child needs school supplies, or maybe you just spent too much at the mall and the utility bill is due. We’ve all been there. Many consumers today are able to turn to a credit card to pick up the slack, but what if your credit isn’t so good
Payday loans are short-terms…