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As the majority of the world's population moves to cities, will we see a shift in soft power away from nation states?

They were meant to be inclusive and collaborative, but open-plan offices aren't for everyone. It's time to build workspaces that cater to all tastes.

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Researchers used a video game which required volunteers to spot deer like hunter-gatherers in different environments. The results could have lessons for humans today.

Once the first early-adopters have made their move, hydrogen technology will quickly propagate elsewhere, writes energy development expert, Dr. Yongping Zhai.

Washington D.C., Tel Aviv, Oslo and Melbourne all made the top 10.

Afraid you could get laid off? Aerotek offers advice on how to predict and prepare for job loss — and ease the stress along the way.

Nonprofits need help with network protection and data security so they can focus resources on direct services

The standard hiring process routinely fails both candidates and employers. This is how to fix it.

Smaller factories situated closer to their target markets can allow global companies to operate more nimbly and help democratize entrepreneurship.

Mohamed Salah could be doing more for his adopted city of Liverpool than helping bring home the Champions League trophy for a sixth time.

Healthcare innovation can go in two directions: increasingly expensive treatment for the few, or cost-effective healthcare for the many, writes a British doctor and healthcare expert.

By 2020, secondary pupils will be learning about environmental policies and technologies as part of the national curriculum.

As an umpire it's easy to miss things when the ball regularly travels over 100 km/h. That's why technology now plays a key role in international cricket.

Blockchain could be a a wild card that disrupts the way we tackle climate change and other environmental challenges.

As the country moves towards renewables, its old mining areas are being reinvented for tourists.

Fewer fatal crashes is just one of the many advantages of having bicycle-friendly cities.

North Oaks residents Pat and Randy Benham didn’t plan on adopting a child when they went to hear a presentation on China at the University of Minnesota in 1995.

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The OECD’s Better Life Index finds the Nordic nation performs better than most other countries when it comes to looking after citizens’ well-being.

"Whereas diversity often gets linked to numbers and percentages, belonging is about how you feel when you’re at work. Do you feel valued? Do you feel like you should be there? Do you feel that your insights, commentary and perspectives matter?”

Congratulations to the RPDS Class of 2019! This impressive and talented group of students graduated from 6th Grade on May 24, 2019.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hopes that a focus on more altruistic, long-term societal goals will help counteract some of the negative forces currently at play in the world.

The resale market for secondhand fashion is growing 21 times faster than retail, with everyone from luxury brands to young shoppers getting in on the act.

The philosophy of Stoicism can help people reach a level of clear-headed thinking, says cognitive behavioral psychotherapist Donald Robertson.

When Cyclone Idai ripped through the city of Beira and displaced thousands, it was only the latest case of the most deprived picking up the tab for the planet's wealthier citizens.

If sustainable urbanization is one of the paramount challenges of the 21st century, then Asia is ground zero for determining whether humanity can succeed.

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New Chimichurri Steak Tacos. So good, they’ve inspired a new dance. Learn it and share with #ChimiShimmy.

New rankings compare the best universities for each subject – and Western institutions still dominate.

Through technology and public-private partnerships, it is now possible for both emerging and developed countries to advance transparency in government, save millions of dollars and better serve citizens.

DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF) - Eighteen million Americans have mailed DNA to commercial labs in hopes of re-tracing their roots. For a local woman that led to her discovering that her birth family lives a few minutes away. 31-year-old Jenna Behrmann was given up for adoption at birth and has tried for years to find her birth mother. Recently, after using the MyHeritage DNA service, she found family she had been searching for her entire life.

The pods also feature hatches that deploy space suits and a docking port for a Mars Exploration Rover.