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Four members of the Pussy Riot protest group, who ran onto the pitch wearing fake police uniforms during the World Cup final, are sentenced to 15 days in jail in Moscow.

The US upturns its previous stance that any peace negotiations would be Afghan-owned, by saying it will engage in direct talks with the Taliban in an effort to bring the war towards an end.

They were the beer-swilling, knife-wielding daredevils that would come to typify outback Australia. So what happened to the old-school croc hunters?

New MIT research shows that urban wetlands could reduce weather damage and improve the environment.

DECENT CRIMINAL With a sound reminiscent of ‘90s alternative, punk, surf, and power-pop, Northern CA’s Decent Criminal offers catchy, upbeat songs that mercilessly collide withabrasive and often melancholy undertones, to bring forth a style that is both playfully compatible, and inadvertently raw. In 2014, brothers Hunter and Tristan Martinez took what was already an active …