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Lee Giat, Executive Producer of The STEM, speaks about his Russian Astronaut Training on WJXT4 The Local Station / News4JAX this morning.
WATCH The STEM: bit.ly/2wZsCjx

Job-hopping: A way to seriously boost your earnings, but is it right for you? Read on for the pros and cons of jumping ship.

Finding human connection in a crowded city is often hard. But this organization has a novel approach to tackling the problem of urban loneliness: street listening.

Bill.com provides ACH payments processing, automates your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.

The rise of robots and artificial intelligence might actually open up further job opportunities – if we learn how to effectively channel our talents for the coming age.

Craft brewers pride themselves on the ingenuity of their latest draught, but on Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving), local brewers, along with more than a thousand others across the country, brewed the exact same beer recipe to raise money for those affected by this summer’s historic California wild fires. The Resilience Butte County Proud …

Robots have the potential to provide much needed assistance that is both complementary and beneficial.

From the Orkney Islands of Scotland to the bustling city streets of Tokyo, hydrogen innovators are discovering ways to fuel the future of transport.

This week's VyStar All-Star Athlete is Amber LaGatta of First Coast High School. Amber, a soccer player, has a GPA of 4.3.

On the move? When selling a home, you want to close quickly and, of course, for your asking price or better. To do this, you need to showcase every ounce of its potential. That’s where staging—the act of decorating a home in order to make it appealing to a large swath of potential buyers—comes in. So, how best to stage a home? …

As World Water Week gets underway, here are some of the most pertinent facts and figures about our most precious resource.

The promise of more speed and greater capacity defines development in tech. Quantum computing and 5G mobile are two new paradigms that promise to deliver both.

This week’s featured geek is my friend Effie Quintana, who posts daily workouts on her Instagram as Project Mom Strong, or PMS as we so fondly call it. Effie inspires me to get to the gym an…

The team is amazing as always, if you are looking for a caring, professional expert dentist, this is the place to go.

A team of volunteers are renovating unwanted, discarded and forgotten bicycles to help new arrivals get around town.

Women depend upon the ocean for the livelihoods just as much as men, yet their voices are not heard loudly enough when it comes to solving the crises facing our seas. It's time to change that.

Arguably, the Sundance Film Festival has been the most influential cinematic institution in America—if not the entire world—since it was founded by Robert Redford in the Year of Three …

By simultaneously tackling two mechanisms for cancer's growth, an experimental therapy reduced the spread of triple-negative breast cancer in a study conducted in mice.

A colonoscopy is commonly used to detect colon cancer. It involves inserting a tube into the rectum with a tiny camera at the end. However, it can be costly and invasive, and some people might prefer an alternative, such as a blood test, a barium enema, or a stool test, among others. Learn more about the options here.

Its National Adoption Month and Burleigh County has over 120 kids in need of a home which is up from last year.

Buckethead is a virtuoso guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who performs within many genres of music. He has released over 300 studio recordings, way more than anyone else in the history of music. He released 178 “pikes” in the 2014 – 2015 period alone. He has also performed on over 50 more albums by other artists. His …

Industrial Forecasts on Ecological Restoration Market: A new research report titled, ‘Global Ecological Restoration Market Size, Status and Forecast 2018-2025’ have been added by Reports Monitor to its huge collection of research report with grow significant CAGR during Forecast .The research report analyzes the Global market in terms of its size, status, forecast, trends, competitive scenario, and potential growth opportunities. The Ecological Restoration Market report categorizes…

On their new album Shapeshifter II: Outbreak, New York-bred band TAUK offer an unsettling but ultimately exhilarating look at artificial intelligence and its potential to upend our world. With its dynamic sense of tension and cinematic mastery of mood, TAUK’s all-instrumental blend of progressive rock, hip-hop, and jazz proves to be the perfect backdrop for …

Looking somewhat like Dracula’s nasty little brother who spent some hard years drinking and working as a carnival barker for a second-rate freak show, Unknown Hinson translates that vibe to his style of country and western-tinged psychobilly. The band is now touring nationwide, wowing audiences with outrageous and campy, white-trash persona and freewheeling, sleazy tone. …

Their latest offers a more pop-centric sound but the quartet are sticking with their experimental hybrid of genres. There’s windswept synths that whir back and forth in delicate layers, spiraling guitars pulled gently into easy vibing melodies, and vocals that swoon and croon just above everything.