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Weather forecast for Jacksonville, Florida, live radar, satellite, severe weather alerts, hour by hour and 10 day forecast temperatures and Hurricane tracking from WJXT News4Jax.

The Magpies grind out a solid win over Carlton at the MCG, putting Nathan Buckley's men into the top four.

Alpaca producers from across Australia join forces to begin shipping out record volumes of fleece to China.

Concerns remain over the health of Brisbane defender Harris Andrews, who has been admitted to hospital hours after he was knocked unconscious from an elbow to the head from the Giant's Jeremy Cameron.

Strapping into the original 2000-model-year Honda Insight, I was never more certain about anything: This will be a hit
Man oh man, here’s the first hybrid sold in America. It’s a radically aluminum, slippery teardrop of a two-seater that looks like an eye-catching cross between a Chiclet and a space-pod dropped from Venus. Brilliant, brilliant car. And in the end, a few engineering professors did in fact, buy them—but there’s only so many of those, and then it quietly disappeared.
In 2009, I…

Testing (and computing) to determine a definitive drag-race winner
It used to be that if you wanted the quicker version of a car, you’d order the one with three pedals and a row-your-own manual transmission. Today, however, it’s not unusual for the exact same car to be slightly quicker with an automatic or automated-manual transmission. Modern automatics’ torque converters tend to lock-up sooner than their “slush…