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The 32nd AFIS Internet Conference, held in Reston, VA, brought together professionals from around the globe. During the conference attendees heard from dynam...

It's not just for big companies. Cyber insurance can make the difference between staying in business or shutting your doors after an attack.

Cybersecurity has been an ongoing topic in the industry, and SIA just released a new study benchmarking the area. The study delves into new increases in cybersecurity spending, cyberthreat vectors, and technologies that could help cybersecurity. Where do you see some of these trends headed?

In this Ask the Expert, digital transformation expert Isaac Sacolick explains how methodologies like Agile and DevOps are overshadowing ITSM frameworks and why CIOs should adopt those methodologies.

Loves how she can go data mining to expose all the data, published and unpublished to see every detail with BizNet Software.

You just have to set it up one time. When I need a report update, I just hit a button and it refreshes, The time saving is unbelievable!

Global Knowledge, the worldwide leader in IT and professional training, has launched a new generation of virtual classrooms. The new classroom environment will improve students’ learning experience with a high-quality experience and a host of new features. READ MORE >

To support our ongoing effort to transform and improve the user experience, Snowflake has released two new features for Data Sharing: A new UI and Reader Join our "Improve Your Time Management With Micro...

Tips for preparing to migrate data to the next generation of Skyward technology. What to refresh, what to leave behind, and when to make the change.

A global leader in HCM solutions leverages Pitney Bowes Spectrum technology to monetize its aggregated, anonymized customer data.

With increasing use cases in modern data analytics, it’s helpful to demystify common machine learning misconceptions to understand how we can take advantage of machines’ powerful potential.

Enterprises around the world continue to demand Snowflake’s innovative, cloud-built data warehouse, prompting the company to nearly double its total

One look and you are on your way.
Delta Air Lines, in partnership with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and the Transportation Securi

Airports and airlines face the challenge of securely moving passengers while providing a pleasant experience. NEC's eGate can help make long security lines a...

Monday, October 22, 2018 at 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

Is success with the wrong map truly success? Sometimes we drive ourselves so hard at a problem that we fail to take a step back to evaluate our plan to solve it. The result is a flawed destination …

The lead single from Rush’s eighth studio album Moving Pictures (1981). One of their most popular songs and described as the bands “defining piece of music… from the 80’s

CFO’s and the Procure to Pay Process
“Put simply, procure to pay is the process by which companies buy and pay for goods and services, from the initial decision to make a purchase to processing and paying the supplier invoice
Procure-to-pay software aims to automate this process, enabling organizations to operate more efficiently, save money and reduce risk by providing more financial controls
But there are…

What are the skills the HR professionals need to focus on for 2018? Industry experts discuss what needs to be focused on and why.

Have you ever stopped to consider the total cost of ownership for your IT service desk tools? Here we outline all the costs that you need to consider.

These reflections owe a lot to the research and thinking bought together by Dave Gray in Liminal Thinking and the work of Kurt and Barbara…

Pat was not happy with the fluctuation of his returns from the stock market. So, he decided to join Lifestyles Unlimited and invest in real estate to provide a steady income in retirement, and a st…

Asset tracking solves numerous business challenges, offering a framework allowing companies to become more efficient and boost the bottom line …

Home: Webinar: Contact Us: www.biznetsoftwar... Gain a basic understanding of firewall functionality and the impact a firewall can make t...

Automation and cloud services are two emerging tech that businesses can implement to replace legacy processes.

“Pitney Bowes’ software was perfect for the marketing problems we face. Their solution allowed us to effectively map our sales and customer data and put a marketing lens on it to better activate media."
- Alexander Waters, Technology Consulting Director, Cadreon (IPG Media Brands)
1. Improve customer data quality
Easily cleanse, consolidate and standardise your existing customer data to improve its integrity
2. Interpret data insights…

Proactive process improvement through Location Intelligence makes highway service provider invaluable to local governments.

TMA announced that Celia T. Besore, will become its new executive director on Nov. 1, succeeding Jay Hauhn who is retiring on Oct. 31. Besore will be the first female executive director for TMA.

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