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Have a toenail falling off? Save yourself pain and frustration by reading this post from North Texas Foot & Ankle.

“The majority of men and women get along well,” dealer Dianna Freeman tells Wards Industry Voices contributor John Stephens. “It’s a minority of people who wants to remain in the Dark Ages.”

The burden of the disease is shifting to younger generations — and puzzling researchers.

HDL is “good” cholesterol; LDL is “bad” cholesterol. HDL helps lower LDL. Too much LDL can lead to heart disease and heart attacks.

In a recent study, researchers have found there is an internal body weight sensing system. This system operates like bathroom scales, registering body weight and thereby fat mass. In the system, the weight of the body is registered in the lower extremities. If the body weight tends to increase, a signal is sent to the …

A new study shows that testosterone replacement therapy can help slow the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in middle-aged men.

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell's announcement on September 26 of the Fed Funds target range increase to 2-2.25% was widely covered in the news. It was

It's the beginning of October and auto dealers are doing the old car/new car shuffle. Current models are moved out of the indoor spotlight and pushed to the

176 reviews of Dental Concepts from Irving, TX Been going here for about 7 years and always good service and would highly recommend it

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"I was just sitting there talking to my Dad, and suddenly an explosion went off in my pocket," Mann said.

Thanksgiving isn’t just about food—it’s also a great time to get your steps in. Here, Fitbit ambassador Ryan Hall shares tips on how to prepare for a race anyone can do.

This article first appeared here on the blog of Dr. Melissa Welby September is National Suicide Prevention month. Preventing suicide does not happen

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Sept. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Low T Center, a leader in physician-led diagnosis and treatment of low testosterone, is excited to announce its evolution as a men's health provider with the expansion of treatment services. Treatment services will now include: sleep apnea, low thyroid, hypertension, severe allergies, high cholesterol, diabetes, and annual physicals, along with testosterone replacement therapy
Low T Center will continue to…

Children's Medical Center Foundation pursues and secures philanthropic contributions to allow Children's Health to fulfill its mission to make life better for children.

When you’re experiencing problems with oral health, your primary concern is probably the pain your experiencing and potential cosmetic problems that tend to come with it. What you may not be think…

In recent midterms, 4 in 10 eligible voters cast ballots. Nonvoters talk of apathy, disgust, barriers and other reasons. But those who don't vote, and their interests, can be ignored by candidates.

A new study suggests that a positional therapy intervention to reduce supine sleep in late pregnancy may promote maternal and fetal health.

You may be noticing some obvious signs of aging that you haven't before. What were once subtle lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth have started to deepen over time. Cheeks that used to appear full and taut suddenly seem to sag and droop. While aging is a reality of life, it doesn't mean you can't maintain a natural, youthful look along the way. That's why there's Restylane Lyft. Restylane Lyft is a safe, highly effective injectable filler that provides proven, long-lasting…

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Much of Noam Chomsky’s revolution in linguistics — including the way we learn languages — is being overturned

Kim Johnson talks Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation CEO Mark Mishek (3:50).
WCCO Sunday Morning – August 5, 2018