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I recently smoked 30 pounds of pork shoulder for a relative’s birthday party. Turning those juicy hunks of meat into sandwiches required a bit of work, so I was working diligently to separate meat …

Cooksey Communications recently earned two Platinum honors, the highest recognition, in the 2019 AVA Digital Awards program. This international competition recognizes outstanding work by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of media that is part of the evolution of digital communication.

As the lifeblood of your company, your data must stay secure and compliant at all times. Increasingly sophisticated malware, viruses, and unexpected outages ...

The sheer quantity of data most companies run on has made storage and backup infrastructures more complex than ever. Learn how NEC’s HYDRAstor, an award-winn...

Benjamin Franklin: More Than Just A Founding Father
From the lightning rod and bifocals to the first volunteer fire department, Ben Franklin was much more than just a Founding Father. His credits include author, printer, political theorist, politician, Freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. Needless to say, he was one busy man. Celebrate his birthday by checking out everything else he’s contributed.

On December 22, 2018, funding expired for certain agencies within the federal government, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S....

Texas Rangers right-hander Shawn Tolleson has retired after a setback in the former closer's attempted comeback from Tommy John surgery.

Follow along as Tricia tells you the story of how she went from a few rental homes to becoming one of the most successful members on the East Coast. Then, stay tuned as she breaks down upcoming cla…

Project quality management is the process of determining the quality standards that are applicable to a project and devising a way to satisfy them. Learn more here.

Confused about the best way to handle Share and NTFS permissions? Check out these best practices for Share permissions in Windows Server 2016.

Supply chain management is the process of delivering a product from raw material to the consumer.

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Session Title: "Unpacking the Ecommerce Returns Challenge"
Description: Making your online returns process more convenient and efficient has become table stakes, particularly in the apparel and footwear verticals. 92% of consumers will buy again from a retailer if the returns process is easy. And yet, most retailers believe their returns capabilities are lagging. Learn how leading retailers—including…

With companies like Tesla setting the pace, it's no surprise that many other brands like Cadillac have placed a greater emphasis on EV’s.

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It is a truth which should be universally acknowledged that the most important skill for a job in IT is a cast-iron ability to say no – and make it stick.

You get what you focus on in life. Del Walmsley leads us from dependence to independence, to interdependence, and financial freedom in less than an hour.
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Here, Host, Michael Soulek will walk you through much of what is necessary to start your own single family portfolio using the Lifestyles Unlimited investment model. Follow along as he talks about …

A new year brings new opportunities. In retail travel, the customer experience is a unique one where the human touch can make a traveler’s journey more enjoyable. Across the Americas in 2019, my team and I look forward to working with thousands of Amadeus retail travel agency customers to deliver the content and technology they … Continued

While recalls vary widely in their scope and impact, the truth is that there really are no small recalls. When it comes to brand reputation and consumer perception, the scale of a recall often doesn’t matter. One negative media report or one simple mistake can turn a small, seemingly manageable event into a much larger …

We are inundated with discussion about how new technologies promise to change the way that we do business and live our lives. Yes, many of these proclamations

A new restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner has opened at a cool new hotel in Irving. Called Two Mules Cantina, it's a restaurant and bar located at Texican Court, ...

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a solution that will enable your organization to meet the demands of network programmability and automation.

Global Knowledge subject matter experts know certification exams inside and out. Here are 10 certification exam tips and tricks, directly from our experts and Certification Prep Guides, that will best position you for certification success.

ITSM automation using RPA, AI and other digital technologies can reduce IT costs upward of 60% over a multiyear period. But what happens when you switch providers? Here are five tips that will help your organization sustain those intelligent automation gains.

If your organization has upgraded to Office 2016 or Office 365, you now have access to Excel 2016. Now what? Are there any new features? The answer is yes, especially if you need business intelligence tools and new ways to present your data.

Thu, Feb 21, 2019, 6:00 PM: Places are limited please register in advance using the url below: resources.stottandmay.com/modelling-your-own-careerAnaplan connects people, plans and data in ever

Manchester Metropolitan University and Unit4, have announced the successful go-live of the second phase of its industry-leading Student Journey Transformation Programme

Low T Center is proud to offer our signature testosterone replacement therapy for patients suffering from low testosterone. Find out more about the treatment, as well as symptoms, side effects, and more information about Low T.

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For many of our business-to-business clients interested in having a social media presence, we recommend creating a company LinkedIn profile. Typically, this is the channel that’s most closely aligned with their business goals, from reaching prospects to providing a platform for thought leadership
However, without an engaging, well-thought-out profile, the value of LinkedIn is lost. Read…

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A recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notice proposed reverting to a 7-day grace period to review, edit and correct records that medical device manufacturers are required to submit to the agency’s global and publicly available unique device identification (UDI) database.

Here's how to apply ITSM principles to all areas of your business, and how to get leaders on board. (Spoiler: It has to do with money.)

Optus today said that it had successfully made a 5G data call on 60MHz of its 3.5GHz spectrum.

College classes can undoubtedly be stressful and intense – but you don’t need to panic, pull all-nighters, and pop energy drinks to get through a semester at college. With the right time management…