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Thanksgiving is known for the feast, but there are more opportunities for family fun outside of the kitchen. Check out these Thanksgiving family activities.

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is a methodology that helps align company spending with strategic goals and requires that finance teams build their annual budget from zero each year.

Nokia combines a comprehensive portfolio with pioneering technologies and industry leadership to help operators launch commercial 5G offers.

If we know that better planning leads to better outcomes, how can it be that only 15% of us are delivering on the plans? Jason Ambrose, VP of Business Transformation, tackles that question—and more—in his recent article on the state of planning.

© Can Stock Photo / 4774344sean Rapid changes are taking place in the way people buy things. The U.S. is moving toward a subscription-based economy, driving

Comerica Bank's Chief Economist and SVP Robert Dye expects that the U.S. economy could be headed for a "fiscal cliff" 2020. Despite a somewhat confident

Take advantage of consumers’ use of smartphone and other mobile devices

Increased enterprise cloud spending, containers, and SaaS-based apps are in the future of cloud computing, according to Forrester.

In today’s modern world culture we are constantly communicating in both our private and working lives.

It’s time to set a few things straight. SDN/NFV won’t save the world (sorry to disappoint you). But it will do a whole host of things better than we can do them today. Which might just free up some resources for someone else to save the world. At Nokia we’re really focusing on these real-world…

We launched WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid) roughly 18 months back and are already instrumental in enabling a new paradigm of low latency, regulatory compliant IoT connectivity services around the globe. CSPs across the globe continue to see IoT as an attractive opportunity to drive new revenues a

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In today’s modern world, technology is the driving force behind everything. It has truly revolutionized the way we interact in both our personal and professional lives. The speed at which we can access real-time news and information is the fastest it’s ever been, and there’s no sign of it slowing down
The public relations world is a…

Both Leo and Peggi grew up in entrepreneurial families, and the experience of financial control and autonomy gained from their upbringings would never fade. It’s why they moved like liquid through …

Obstetrics & Gynecology OBGYN care, Dallas/Fort Worth area | Las Colinas Medical Center, Texas Health Harris Methodist HEB, Baylor Scott & White Irving

The Ethernet switch has become an integral part of the world’s LAN infrastructure. The switch executes four basic functions: Learning, Forwarding, Filtering and Flooding. Learn how a switch works.

Today’s business systems must be knowledge-based (not just information-based), adaptive and bring productivity to an overwhelmed business user, and self-service to customers. That’s what is being asked of IS today, a very tall order that requires competing for the future with intelligent agents.

Global technology leaders share how they motivate their teams and create environments that make employees want to stay at their companies.

What are the best IT certifications to have in your list of credentials? Learn the top certifications based on data from our 2017 IT Skills & Salary Survey.

Because the GDPR commands a global reach, it has had a significant effect on the digital marketing landscape over the last few months.

Neural Networks are an approach to artificial intelligence that was first proposed in 1944. Modeled loosely on the human brain, Neural Networks consist of a multitude of simple processing nodes (called neurons) that are highly interconnected and send data through these network connections to estima...

All episode for season 2. I hope you guys enjoy. More episode coming soon. Follow me on Instagram - www.instagram.com/realplatabush/ Monster School :...

✔️ NOOB vs PRO SECRET DOORS IN MCPE! Will the Noob make the better secret door or will the pro win!? Enjoy! Resource Pack Download - mcpedl.com/camouf...

“Here are 14 essential supply chain tips collected from experts across the ASC industry.”
“A supply chain and inventory management program that involves all stakeholders is critical to controlling costs within the supply chain. ASCs should dedicate a motivational supply chain champion who can walk staff through the goals they are trying to achieve, whether that means keeping an ASC’s doors open or finding better products that improve patient safety.”

If you’re interested in a position with the market leader, contact us to see how we can put your talents to work today
We offer a wide range of competitive health and welfare benefits to our full-time employees highlighted by medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage. Additionally, we provide life and disability insurance and a 401(k) profit-sharing plan. Employees are eligible for paid time off (PTO)…

Large enterprises must learn to embrace technology by embracing changes to the very fundamentals of their business.

Big data gives digital marketers insight into what customers need and want.

It is no secret how significant SEO can be to a digital marketing program. According to a recent report from The Manifest, 36 percent of those surveyed planned on investing more in SEO next year
Perhaps more importantly, increased investments in social media, content marketing, and broader website initiatives, which all can have significant positive impact on SEO, were also top channels identified
Despite this knowledge,…

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Shot on location in Israel, Dr. Alicia Chole looks at Jesus’ journey of anonymity and teaches the beauty and importance of being in a desert season.

According to the National Safety Council, more than 400 Americans die from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning each year. Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer because it’s odorless, col…

On November 13-15, the Phocuswright Conference will host its 25th gathering in Los Angeles. Amadeus is proud to be a sponsor again at this year’s event, and we’re excited to connect with you in our Amadeus Live Travel Lounge, located in Plaza I and Plaza II. Our team is ready to discuss your business needs … Continued