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Michael Soulek wouldn’t blame you if you pulled your money out the stock market to put it to work in another investment. Before you make such a big transition, you should do the following: ha…

According to the Federal Reserve, Americans surpassed $4 trillion of consumer debt this year. Making matters worse is that most individuals across the socioeconomic spectrum, in generations spannin…

Would you rather retire in the next 2-5 years or 20-40 years? Lifestyles Unlimited members prefer to retire in 2-5 years and are successful in doing so thanks to their real estate investments. Mich…

What does it mean to be a good steward? Pastor Robert Morris sits with Matt and Laurie Crouch to discuss this topic from his book, Beyond Blessed. In this clip, we learn that stewardship begins with recognizing that: All the money in my account belongs to God.

Successful B2B marketers are twice as likely to think long-term, but are pressured to deliver immediate results. We need to balance long- and short-term.

★★★★★ I had a great experience on my previous visit. All team members are very dedicated and professional. Questions and concerns were specifically explained. I would most definitely recommend this office to my family and friends.

When you think of your last trek through the airport, what comes to mind? If you’re like 47% of American travelers, long lines, crowded terminals, and moving from one part of the airport to another will make you think twice about taking another trip. According to a US Travel Association survey, two in five frequent … Continued

Meet Juan Rios, owner, and Zoraida Pereira, office manager, at IB Travel Inc., a multi-service travel agency founded in 1997. IB Travel employs eight people at two locations in Bernardsville and Somerville, NJ. Professional and Industry When did you know you wanted to start a travel company? We knew the time was right when we … Continued

Gain complete control over field services like never before. Streamline operations, reduce costs, and delight customers with unprecedented precision.

MediaRadar's data suggest that advertisers are resisting YouTube's efforts toward shorter, less intrusive formats geared for mobile viewing.​

As customer expectations for personalized engagement evolve, CMOs need to understand how influential trends will affect the way they evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing.

The hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) reached a fevered pitch as the world entered 2019. Business leaders from nearly every industry are clamoring to tell anyone that will listen how they have an AI strategy to transform the way everything is done. At the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CE...

You can experience our legendary hospitality throughout the Houston area, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Amarillo, Austin, Baytown, Beaumont, College Station, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Galveston, Kemah, Longview, Lubbock, McAllen, Midland, Odessa, Port Arthur, San Marcos and Waco in Texas in addition to restaurants in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma and Florida.
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A growing number of enterprises are turning to low-code development platforms to fill their development gaps, according to low-code vendor OutSystems.

Registration and Coffee: 8:30-9:00
Heidi Kuusniemi, Digital Economy, University of Vaasa
Coffee Break 10:30-10:45
“Opportunities of 5G in utility applications”, Petri Hovila, ABB Ltd
“Wärtsilä’s 5G visions”, Philipp Holtkamp, Wärtsilä Ltd.
”5G apps and rapid IoT development tools”, Veli-Pekka Salo, Wapice Ltd.
“Opportunities of 5G for industrial IOT by Danfoss drives”, Stefan Strandberg, Danfoss Ltd.
“5G revolutionizes the value of your data”, Arttu Rantala, Telia Ltd.…

Is immigration status available for those with a felony? Featured attorneys: Immigration Attorney Patricia Barbee Former Immigration Attorney Andrea Aguilar

Despite marketers’ efforts with advanced programmatic and data targeting for video ads, consumers still find that they are more likely to be served a relevant ad on linear TV.

Lee Bergeron, VP & General Manager, Wheeler Financial from Pitney Bowes, describes why it is so important to increase your access to capital. pbi.bz/...

The Kernels have players from several different countries on their roster. It's not easy coming to the United States to play. That's why the Minnesota Twins make them to do more than just play baseball. John Campbell reports.

Now that Unit4 has put a microservices-based cloud platform in place, new CEO Mike Ettling wants the company to run like a cloud business

“A great steak but no sizzle”. That, according to Unit4’s newly appointed CEO M

Your business can be impacted by an online presence, for better or for worse. Owning a website isn't enough to make a positive impact on your business, especially if you're doing nothing with it. Here are three SEO tips you need to drive traffic to your site!

The Connected Planning Xperience brings together thought leaders for a finance conference to xplore the best practices, trends, and innovations in FP&A.

Marketers have eroded customers’ trust in their quest to know them better. What’s the best path forward?

A honky-tonk in quotes from Deep Ellum is opening a second location, this one in an entertainment zone to the west. Mama Tried, the Nashville-style honky-tonk from veteran bar owner ...

The March seasonal sales price for the off-road segment grew year over year and outperformed the five-year price trend, according to data National Powersport

Understanding the need to have an end of asset life strategy. Create a software plan to monitor the full asset life cycle.

Apptricity’s ‘Demo Pilot’ program is designed to give your organization an idea of how our solutions will work in your environment – within 90 days.

You can “enjoy” the roller coaster ride of the stock market (over which you have no control) or you can invest in tangible assets like real estate where you have the ability to negotiat…

Access to the Internet has become a ticket to play in the modern job economy. But new data shows that broadband access is more than just an urban vs rural issue—it’s a matter of racial equality.

Tim Conway destroys his castmates during a "Mama's Family" sketch on the "Carol Burnett Show" by refusing to let the scene continue until he can finish a sto...