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Check out these tips for maintaining a work/life balance while getting ready to enjoy the holidays—without obsessing over the work you left behind!

Extreme fear is once again sending Wall Street into chaos. Investors are debating whether the longest bull market in American history is nearing an end or just taking a breather.

The most effective physician marketing tools and tactics that will help you to improve patient retention for your practice.

Jilio Ryan is a Tustin-based firm that offers court reporting and video services to attorneys, insurance companies, and corporations.

St. Dominic best quotes "Arm yourself with prayer rather than a sword; wear humility rather than fine clothes." Let this be a reminder to pray!

The holidays are right around the corner. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get a new job, here are 7 reasons why you should start your job search in December.
1. Sign on bonus – It’...

This blog marks the first in a new blog series, Executive Perspective. In this series, we chat with Advanced Energy’s newest members of our executive team to learn more about their professional past, lessons learned and how they expect to make an impact in their first 12 months at AE. Today we chat with Edwin …

Modern patients are informed and empowered healthcare consumers who want to be actively involved with the healthcare services they receive. To value their say in the matter of healthcare, patients research across the internet to learn everything about their health condition and the provider they’re

We must ensure a digital future that is safe and inclusive for all, say Flavia Bustreo, Siddhartha Jha, and Stefan Germann Digital concepts and solutions that were considered science fiction [...]More...

Instead of apple juice, children at a Hawaii preschool were served Pine-Sol by mistake, according to a Hawaii Department of Health report.

How do we protect our personal data and make sure that we can access it whenever we need it? Let’s look at the “then” versus the “now” approach.

The Advent season is a special time in the Church to prepare for the celebration of Christmas. Unfortunately, its not always easy keeping the peaceful spirit of Advent in our hearts as the world pr…

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit received 4 to 8 inches of snow in the recent storm that struck Southern California, giving the resorts in the San Bernardino Mountains their first natural snow of the season. Megan Telles reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Nov. 30, 2018.

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Interim executives have long played a role in successful leadership teams. If a CEO or CFO or COO leaves, an interim keeps things running and helps an organization to maintain business as usual or as close to it as possible. But the interim as a “stand in” is a limited view. This is rarely what organizations actually want—rather, in hiring an interim they usually really want…

Multiple big rig crashes and rain-slicked freeways created a nightmare for Southern California commuters Thursday.
A big rig that burst into flames on the northbound 101 Freeway in Hollywood Hills was among the wrecks creating long delays for drivers.
The incident was reported just before 5 a.m. near Mulholland Drive, according to the California Highway Patrol’s traffic incident log.

Many materials exhibit new properties when in the form of thin films composed of just a few atomic layers. Most people are familiar with graphene, the two-dimensional form of graphite, but thin film versions of other materials also have the potential to facilitate technological breakthroughs.

Surprise, everybody! The Kotaku writer who loves Japanese RPGs and rhythm games is completely enamored with two rhythm games starring beloved Japanese RPG characters. It’s like Atlus made a pair of games just for me. You might like them, too.

Scientists have discovered nearly two dozen new types of microbes, many of which use hydrocarbons such as methane and butane as energy sources--meaning they might be helping to limit the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and might one day be useful for cleaning up oil spills.

Santiago was appointed Chief Marketing Officer in September 2014. He joined Sage in 2007 to lead the Start-up and Small Business Division in Spain and was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sage Spain in 2010. During this time he renewed the leadership team, increasing the efficiency of the business and returning it to growth, as well as leading the Accountants Segment in Europe. Prior to Sage…

Dancing In Moonlight does mostly right by Persona 3's soundtrack, even if an awkward interface hampers some of the fun.

Although it's not the best rhythm game, Dancing In Starlight is a good celebration of Persona 5's outstanding soundtrack.

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