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Choose from Two Options $63 for one month of unlimited classes with foundational course ($180 value) $122 for two months of unlimited classes with foundational course ($360 value) Functional Fitness: Beyond the Bench Press Functional-fitness exercises focus on making everyday tasks easier. Check out Groupon’s basic rundown. From shoveling snow to climbing stairs, people constantly carry out tasks that may seem mundane, but can lead to…

Choose from Four Options $19 for one Brazilian wax ($65 value) $35 for two Brazilian waxes ($130 value) $15 for one bikini wax ($45 value) $25 for two bikini waxes ($90 value)

Choice of: $48 for Easter in The Backyard at Hotel Irvine for One Adult, Valid on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. ($65 Value) $10 for Easter in The Backyard at Hotel Irvine for One Child, Valid on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. ($20 Value) $48 for Easter in The Backyard at Hotel Irvine for One Adult, Valid on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. ($65 Value) $10 for Easter in The Backyard at Hotel Irvine for One Child, Valid on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. ($20 Value) $48…

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Frontline released an hour-long documentary delving into the serial sexual predation of women that lead to the ousting of Harvey Weinstein.

“The direct relationship[s] between cities ... are increasingly solving problems on the ground that nation states alone cannot tackle."

The annual Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Gala and Golf Classic is an opportunity for Tim to host his celebrity friends for a weekend of fun and entertainment.

Utilizing positive reinforcement within the workplace encourages individuals to continue to work harder, achieve productivity goals, and continue to meet desirable standards. The goal of positive reinforcement is to inspire a person to continue to perform a task in a favorable manner. The company benefits from seeing a better outcome on a more consistent basis,... Read more »

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association will be hosting an event on Friday, March 23, at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., to celebrate the life of its former president and CEO, Jim Johnston. All OOIDA members are invited to attend.
Johnston, 78, died on Jan. 8...

We all want to be understood: to be heard, listened to, cared about. We want those who are close to us to “get us.” It’s high praise when you can say to someone, “you get me.” We all know what it means and what…

To advance in your career, self-promotion is key — but you have to do it the right way.

“The only thing that is constant is Change.” Whether it comes in ripples, surges or tsunamis, Change will affect your organization, if it hasn’t already. How you adapt to those changes can determine the fate of your association – and your career. The 2018 FSAE Annual Conference (#FSAE18) is designed to ensure association executives are prepared to adapt and move their organizations into the next era…

Hyliion, which produces a hybrid electric axle system for Class 8 trucks, has created a trial fleet of trucks equipped with its 6x4HE system to allow fleets to test the vehicles in their own operations for free.

Daimler Trucks North America chief Roger Nielsen talked to reporters recently about the company's investments and initiatives in technology such as connectivity, electric trucks, autonomous trucks, advanced driver assistance systems, platooning, and predictive maintenance.

Artificial intelligence may be the future of business, and using these tools, you can get a jump-start on the competition.

We now have the technology to transform digitally without limits - and we must adapt. In these 3 areas, digitization is the new normal.

Service lines supply our homes with electricity, gas, water and sewer functions. Am I responsible for them?

Underserved Starbucks Market: Property is the only Starbucks in an 11-mile radius and will be the 1st Starbucks to open in Paradise
Favorable Café with Drive-Thru Format: 60%-70% of all business for quick-service restaurants comes fron the drive-thru; average Starbucks store sales are ~50% greater in locations that have a drive-thru
Located on a Major East/West Thoroughfare: Skyway Road is the main 4-lane corridor connecting Paradise…