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Facebook's plan to release its own currency, called Libra, has sparked a range of concerns among lawmakers. WSJ’s Paul Vigna explains. Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News

Disruptive leaders may like to move fast and break things, but working for them takes an extra level of tact and strategy.

The late architect's modernist towers defined the skylines of cities around the world.

ASI's BASI and MASI Certification Programs are recognized as credentials of promotional products expertise and specialty marketing. ASI Central members are provided all the educational resources they need to succeed.

As crowdfunding matures it’s unclear whether it can deliver on its promise of democratizing real estate investment.

Remember these? Once upon a time, in an era when mankind had to wait an unimaginable 24 hours to see how holiday snaps and selfies had turned out, there was ... the trusty Fotomat. A bright and compact little kiosk easily recognisable by its pyramid-shaped gold-coloured roof, usually positioned in a

Need help getting your smart home setup? DISH will now come to your house and setup your smart home devices including Roku Players. Want more help? DISH will also help set up your Linksys router, Ring doorbell, Polk Audio, and many more. DISH can even do this as quickly as the same day from their …

Coral reefs are considered one of the most threatened ecosystems on the planet and are dying at alarming rates around the world. Scientists attribute coral bleaching and ultimately massive coral death to a number of environmental stressors, in particular, warming water temperatures due to climate change.

Thank you for joining us today. We will begin our Optimize your Phase I, Part 1: Setup and Preparation shortly.

The U.S. is imposing new sanctions against a Chinese company for transporting Iranian crude, a move that widens the U.S. campaign of pressure on the Islamic republic.

Prasa krawędziowa Baykal z robotem Yaskawa. Więcej informacji zapraszamy na nasza stronę: www.chmpolsk...

There’s a big difference between pipe and a true piping system, according to Brian LaBelle of GF Piping Systems. His insights from this Water Talk interview captured at ACE19 in Denver highlight the advantages of ever-advancing plastic piping capabilities that are helping the water industry engineer and fabricate resilient alternatives to aging infrastructure by using customized polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVDF piping systems.

They’re circulating petitions against two state senators and Gov. Jared Polis. And earlier this year they tried and failed to force a recall election of two Assembly members, one of whom resigned.

Rising temperatures and precipitation combined with increasing nutrient runoff from human activity are elevating challenges in water treatment efforts. In some cases, that means increased threats to drinking water quality. In others, it means increasingly stringent nutrient discharge levels. Either way, taking the nutrient monitoring battle out to the field can help in waging a better fight at the treatment plant.

Who among us has not woken up one day to find themselves deeply ensconced in a good old-fashioned workplace rut? It certainly happens with the job you’ve been kind of meh about from Day One, but that dream job you landed four years ago isn’t immune from The Rut either. No matter how motivated we may start out,...

The Irish government has approved Live Nation Entertainment Inc.’s acquisition of Ireland’s biggest concert promoter... C&M's Jason Murray comments in this Los Angeles Business Journal article. Click to access.

American media and politics today focus on divisions and wounds. But what I witnessed after a terrible traffic accident shows we're better than that.

Many of the trucking industry's struggles of late can be traced back to the highly cyclical nature of the business.

Lawmakers increased wages and benefits for teachers, first responders and other public employees in nearly 20 states this legislative season.

Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI)
The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) is a monthly index designed to gauge overall economic activity and related inflationary pressure. The CFNAI is released at 8:30 a.m. ET on scheduled days, normally toward the end of each calendar month
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The CFNAI is a weighted average of 85 existing monthly indicators of national economic activity…

Watch the trailer for our new Netflix series following Dr. Lisa Sanders as she solves medical mysteries — with help from Times readers.

Your prospective patients learn about you primarily from these 4 online and offline sources. By employing specific marketing strategies, you can convert them into your patients.

Human beings are storied beings; our life paths paved with stories. Stories are how we shape our world and understand our lives.

To get people to listen, talk less
To get people to read what you write, write less
And please do the same with your college applications.
In their understandable eagerness to stand out, too many students want to inject more, more, more into their applications. They attach additional essays, send extra letters of recommendation, include work samples or press clippings or copies of awards. But all…

Accent wall, be gone! Designers name 9 décor trends—from yellow oak cabinets to Jacuzzi tubs—that (yawn) may be making your home look long in the tooth.

China has signed a secret agreement allowing its armed forces to use a Cambodian navy base, as Beijing works to boost its ability to project military power around the globe, according to U.S. and allied officials familiar with the matter.

Both designed by Anish Kapoor, Houston's "Cloud Column" came before Chicago’s famous Bean, according to one museum. Chicago isn't trying to hear that.

NIST has extended the comment period on its recently released draft documents... Click to read this Data Law blog post by C&M's Kate Growley and Allegra Flamm.

This webinar will provide you with the basic tools to address any global workforce issues that may arise, whether your company is a newcomer to international business or an experienced multinational. Click to learn more and register.

The First Pasadena State Bank, a 12-story skyscraper inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, dominated its small town near Houston since 1962.

Every parent has experienced some version of the transformation that takes place when your child decides they don’t like your answer to one of their questions. They ask for the ice cream or the video or the new toy, and when the “no” comes back from the parent, the response can range from a toddler-like tantrum to lawyer-like negotiation. All in hopes of getting a different answer
College counselors often face the same behavior from both students and parents.
A counselor delivers an…

Need to put an immediate end to your current procrastination cycle? These 9 productivity hacks can help.