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Atlantis Technologies is proud to announce a distribution and manufacturing partnership with Brazilian water tank and system manufacturer Fortlev.

This hands-on, introductory-level course enables students to learn the fundamentals of Java. Students will learn to use variables, expressions, flow control, loops, arrays, strings, exception handlers, file input/output, and more to develop an application! This is an excellent introductory course to programming for students planning to take AP Computer Science, interested in software development, wanting to develop games, or preparing for the Java Associate Certification Exam…

Fresh water isn’t unlimited. Rainfall isn’t predictable. And plants aren’t always thirsty.

Pension fund had accused private equity firm of ‘looting’ an affiliated insurer... C&M's Aryeh Portnoy comments in this Financial Times article. Click to access (subscription required).

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The duration of floods can be determined by river flow, precipitation and atmospheric blocking. Now an international team of researchers led by Nasser Najibi and Naresh Devineni at The City College of New York is offering a novel physically based Bayesian network model for inference and prediction of flood duration.

Following a celebrated career as a political activist and content producer for Upworthy and Snapchat, Erica Williams Simon launched her own brand, Sage House, a podcast, and now a book. "You Deserve The Truth" aims to inspire Millennials to follow their true purpose in life and work.

The Open Mobility Foundation, a nonprofit founded by L.A.’s transportation department, wants to manage traffic with a "digital twin" model of the city's streets.

Height is decided for you. Whether you view yours as a gift, a curse, or an unremarkable trait, your DNA has already made its decision. You get no say
But punctuality, reliability, empathy, honesty, flexibility, respect, effort, trust, curiosity, initiative, passion…
Those are choices we all get to make. Some of us may have more natural inclination in some areas. And some have had the good fortune to be exposed to positive examples who showed us what those elements look like in practice.…

New signage and NaviLens technology have been rolled out in Barcelona, Madrid, and Murcia city to help visually impaired people navigate public transportation.

President Trump’s pick to take over as acting secretary of the Labor Department is expected to shake up the agency, alarming union groups and Democrats... C&M's Kris Meade comments in this The Hill article. Click to access.

Maps of urban heat islands show where residents can find pockets of cooler air in Boston, Philadelphia, Richmond, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

With so many smart home systems, it can be difficult to decide which one fits your home best. Choose from one of these and get your home fully connected!

C&M has been named one of the “Best Law Firms for Women” by Working Mother for the eighth consecutive year. Click to read this news item.

At WESTEC, you will connect with thousands of leading manufacturers in critical industries such as aerospace, medical, industrial machinery and consumer goods. Our new location, Long Beach, is a gateway to global ports and a vibrant area for machinery. Compare the newest technologies side-by-side while meeting face-to-face with the experts who developed them. Learn more about the business aspects of manufacturing in three days than you…

Newport Beach officials announced on July 12 that Jeff Boyles has been selected as the city’s next fire chief.

When the Beetle was first introduced, Americans had never seen anything like it. Among art car enthusiasts, it became the ideal canvas for self-expression.

Tim Maughan’s new novel explores a different kind of urban dystopia, one where our dependence on technology has been severed.

ATLANTA (PRWEB) July 18, 2019
Lucas Group, ranked sixth on Forbes’ Best Professional Recruiting Firms list for 2019, announced that the firm is opening a new office in Nashville, TN to support th

Smart OmniEdge delivers a framework for how access networks should be designed, deployed and consumed. While many vendors primarily focus...

Nominations are now being accepted for open positions on the HIMSS North America Nominating Committee.

How to Talk About Your Career Change - The Muse: Because it's not just about what you do now.

If your workplace is populated with too many work martyrs, there’s a good chance your employee engagement (and, ultimately, retention) levels will take a hit.

Not sure if you're ready for that big promotion? Check out this list from the career experts of Forbes Coaches Council to see if management is really the right path for you.

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