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As demand on water resources rises, will there be a mad rush to grab up the nation’s last untapped water resources?

University of Virginia laudably goes out of its way to point out that they are not one of those schools that admits single-digit percentages of students and that the activities they value on an application may not mirror those of their more highly selective collegiate compatriots. But I can’t think of a selective college that would not agree with UVA’s recommendations for activities as described in their recent blog post
It’s not about the activities you choose or even the total number…

Churchill was a genocidal maniac. The Japanese were rounded up into concentration camps. FDR let Pearl Harbor happen. When you take history out of context, y...

And boy, are there a lot of fools. Hiding behind the wild predictions is the basic reality: No one person can reliably forecast the volatile oil market.

Find you’re having trouble getting to sleep? Consider booking an appointment with our practice
You’ve darkened your bedroom. It’s quiet. You’ve set the temperature to a comfortable 68 degrees. You’ve avoided eating or exercising before bedtime. You get adjusted regularly to quiet down your nervous system. You’ve avoided the blue light emitted by your digital device. It’s time to fall asleep
Now what?
If you’re someone…

Admin Tools, discusses the latest enhancements and provides a detailed demo of the thumbnail tool and how you can create and update custom, branded thumbnails for all of your org's data, web maps

The International Desalination Association (IDA) led a thought-provoking PUB-IDA Business Forum focused on Desalination and Water Reuse: Enhancing Climate Resilience for Cities as part of the 2018 Singapore International Water Week.

The reality is that cities grow in three dimensions, and where economic activity takes place on the map is just part of the story.

Nokia 6.1 (2018) 64GB - Dual SIM [Android 8.0, 5.5" IPS LCD, 16.0MP, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 630] (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories

A sociologist interviewed hundreds of immigrants in New York, Barcelona, and Paris. Here's what he says those cities get right—and do wrong—when integrating foreign-born residents.

The Amoeba Sisters GIFs (animations) are a collection we created to supplement our videos. GIFs are popular on social media, and they are AWESOME in science for animating vocabulary or scientific processes! You can view and download Amoeba Sisters GIFs h

Two fatal accidents involving semi-autonomous vehicles took place in March 2018... Click to read this alert by C&M's Cheri Falvey, Laura Foggan, Jeff Selman, Jonathan Lindsay, Brent Westcott, Rukiya Mohamed, and Elaine Panagakos.

Sexploitation Takes Center Stage
Last week the cyber community was lit up with stories of victims who received emails claiming to have compromising information or video of the individual, and that they must send money in bitcoin to prevent the release of this information to their contact list or elsewhere. Here's a more specific example
Hello, my prey.
I have your password: ******.
You receive this letter because I put the malicious software on the web page with porn which you have gone…

Technology should make it easier to implement preventative maintenance plans and keep your workers and facility occupants safe. Learn about three technology trends in facility management and grab your free copy of the facility manager’s software comparison guide.

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“AIT is pleased to have been able to secure favorable terms and continue its long-standing tenancy in the park,” according to Saywitz. “Ownership’s flexibility and consideration is also allowing AIT to perform improvements to help the company function more efficiently.”
The property is located at Vintage Park East, in Fontana
About Voit Real Estate Services & The Tenant Rep. Group
Voit Real Estate Services is a…

Jennifer Duffy has been named HDR’s water reuse practice lead, based in the firm’s San Diego, California office.

On July 12, 2018, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released their proposed changes to the Physician Fee Schedule which include their proposed updates to the Quality Payment Program in the Revisions to Payment Policies under the Physician Fee Schedule and Other Revisions to Part B for CY 2019; Medicare Shared Savings Program Requirements Proposed Rule.

The slew of laws California voters have approved over the years to help homeowners save money on taxes also reward them for keeping their homes off the market. The effects of those measures could have helped create the housing crisis that is now engulfing the state, according to Bloomberg.
But an

Mucus is able to protect us from infection thanks to ancient genes that have been conserved throughout 350 million years of evolution—dating back to our days as a jellyfish.

With the help of 21st century bells and whistles, a team of Dutch archaeologists may have created a model for the digital archive of the future.

A glimpse of the client work done by the Studio based in our London office.

Looking to migrate your enterprise infrastructure to the cloud? Here is how, with Cisco Cloud Advisory.

This week's episode covers debarment, defense spending, and FCA news, and is hosted by C&M's Peter Eyre and David Robbins. Click to listen.