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Choose from Two Options $63 for one month of unlimited classes with foundational course ($180 value) $122 for two months of unlimited classes with foundational course ($360 value) Functional Fitness: Beyond the Bench Press Functional-fitness exercises focus on making everyday tasks easier. Check out Groupon’s basic rundown. From shoveling snow to climbing stairs, people constantly carry out tasks that may seem mundane, but can lead to…

Choice of: Haircut, Full Balayage Highlights, and Style Partial Foil, Cut, and Style Full Face Makeup Application Vitamin C: From Breakfast to Beauty Aid Vitamin C isn’t just abundant in fruits and veggies, it’s a key component of many facial treatments. Learn more about its skincare applications with Groupon’s introduction. Vitamin C is packed into oranges, kale, peppers, and other veggies and fruits recommended for a…

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Choose from Four Options $19 for one Brazilian wax ($65 value) $35 for two Brazilian waxes ($130 value) $15 for one bikini wax ($45 value) $25 for two bikini waxes ($90 value)

Choice of: $48 for Easter in The Backyard at Hotel Irvine for One Adult, Valid on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. ($65 Value) $10 for Easter in The Backyard at Hotel Irvine for One Child, Valid on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. ($20 Value) $48 for Easter in The Backyard at Hotel Irvine for One Adult, Valid on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. ($65 Value) $10 for Easter in The Backyard at Hotel Irvine for One Child, Valid on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. ($20 Value) $48…

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Frontline released an hour-long documentary delving into the serial sexual predation of women that lead to the ousting of Harvey Weinstein.

When the image of a hospital comes to mind, most envision a similar setting: fluorescent lighting, various mechanical noises, white tile floors, eggshell painted walls and the smell of disinfectant…

“The direct relationship[s] between cities ... are increasingly solving problems on the ground that nation states alone cannot tackle."

Voices from the Honduran people's movements by La Voz de los de Abajo. Voces de los movimientos populares de Honduras, por La Voz de los de Abajo.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association will be hosting an event on Friday, March 23, at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., to celebrate the life of its former president and CEO, Jim Johnston. All OOIDA members are invited to attend.
Johnston, 78, died on Jan. 8...

Check out the top Irish pubs in Phoenix, Arizona where you can leave your apartment and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day among other city dwellers —Guinness in hand!

To advance in your career, self-promotion is key — but you have to do it the right way.

I was in Mexico two years ago when, in the early hours of the morning, I received a call confirming what you had warned us about so often: that one day they would kill you because of your struggle. At that moment, I knew that we had to take on the quest for justice with the same strength and determination as you would have done. What I did not know was how I would tackle so much impunity.

A 2018 study of American sentimentality commissioned by Life Storage revealed that even digital natives have printed photos. What else do people hold onto and why? You may be surprised by the data.

Hyliion, which produces a hybrid electric axle system for Class 8 trucks, has created a trial fleet of trucks equipped with its 6x4HE system to allow fleets to test the vehicles in their own operations for free.

Leaders who understand how brains work can make themselves and their teams more nimble, innovative, and resilient.

Daimler Trucks North America chief Roger Nielsen talked to reporters recently about the company's investments and initiatives in technology such as connectivity, electric trucks, autonomous trucks, advanced driver assistance systems, platooning, and predictive maintenance.

A toxic mixture of insecure masculinity, politically amplified fears, race prejudice, and anti-government paranoia feeds America’s dangerous gun culture
These forces were not invented by the NRA, but the NRA has cynically manipulated them to build itself into a powerful force for mass marketing the idea that more weapons in private hands is the solution to our violence problems, not its root
Rather than argue that…

As you approach retirement, building a holistic financial plan that also considers your future housing expenses should be at the top of your list.