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By Nicole Quinn, Sacramento City Schools Equity and Social & Emotional Learning Coach

During a lightning storm, it is best to seek shelter. But, if you are stuck outside, follow these tips for lightning safety outdoors from Travelers.

When he disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things. —Mark 6:34 Of the four canon…

'Learn more about what to expect at a massage Massage therapist’s experience: State-Licensed Massage Therapist Choose from the following Elevations for massages: Hot-Stone Therapy Revitalizing Face Massage Reviving Foot Scrub Reviving Hand Scrub Learn More About Couples Massage So, How Does a Couples Massage Work, Exactly? A little nervous about your couples massage? Don\'t worry—we\'ll answer your FAQs to make sure you\'re relaxed before your session…

By Anthony Scammell, Senior Associate Director, Hill+Knowlton Strategies I was lucky enough to be out in Moscow the weekend when England surged past Sweden and Russia came up agonisingly short against Croatia. I was in Moscow, not St Petersburg or Samara; but it was still obvious the country was alive with the excitement, optimism and, …

Who’s developing traits that will benefit them later in life
The student who loves math, or the student who asks for extra credit so he can get the A?
The student who volunteers at the homeless shelter because she feels fulfilled serving others, or the student who’s there to fulfill her community service requirement?
The student who makes a mistake and takes responsibility, or the student whose parents work to ensure colleges never learn of the misstep?
The student who works a summer…

When Alexei Leonov made the world’s first spacewalk in 1965 in Voskhod 2, it was hailed as yet another great success for the USSR in the space race against A...

Simple mistakes by the C-suite and managers can open up a company to regulatory and legal action and cause reputational damage for years to come.

Approximately 175,000 litres of oil and salt water have leaked from a pipeline in an isolated area of northern Alberta near Red Earth Creek.On July 7 at around 4:31 p.m., an initial spill of 150,00…

Thousands of Americans flocked to Nicaragua in recent years, attracted by a tropical climate, low costs and crime and seeming stability. Now, a violent uprising is upsetting their plans.

On July 10, USTR Robert Lighthizer announced that at President Trump’s request, USTR has initiated the process of imposing an additional... Click to read this Trade Law blog post by C&M's Frances Hadfield, Spencer Toubia, and Edward Goetz.

The protest blimp that flew over London makes for irresistible political theater. Foes of the president should resist it anyway.

Scott and Rubio defeat a good nominee and Democrats crow.

UBS Group AG was censured by a U.S. regulator for “systemic deficiencies” in anti-money-laundering systems at its branches in New York, Connecticut, and Florida.

"Whatever jurisdiction ultimately is the landing spot for HQ2 will be in a much better position than Seattle."

Crude oil had a great start to the year 2018. The commodity touched $80 per barrel for the first time in almost four years on the back of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ decision to extend the oil production quotas until end of 2018. Oil companies, like Chevron (NYSE: CVX), benefit...

A new study shows that benefits are rising faster than GDP in most states.

Three decades after the beloved New York artist visited a school in Melbourne, the mural he made has finally been conserved after significant decay.

I spoke to robotic systems integration experts for insight into robot vision basics.

In a mobile-centric era and a “do more with less” directive for facility managers to be more efficient and productive, getting on board with utilizing mobile technology solutions is a top priority for meeting productivity and cost savings initiatives. However, FMs often find they lack the necessary insights into their operations to identify recommended steps …

In Home & Online Writing Tutoring with a Club Z! Writing Tutor. Club Z! writing tutors will help your student learn to write and ultimately master writing skills such as: Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Singular & Plural, Past & Present Tense, and Creative Writing.

National law firm. Strength in infrastructure, litigation, environment, healthcare, real estate, public policy, and corporate law. 8 US offices.

Charlotte won its second national convention in a decade Friday, kicking off two years of planning, fundraising and anticipation.

Shares at the footwear company fell 21% Friday following a disappointing second-quarter earnings report.

In June 2018, Tesla brought suit against a disgruntled former employee, Martin Tripp, for trade secret misappropriation. Tesla claims that Mr. Tripp hacked... Click to read this Trade Secrets blog post by C&M's Will Pellett.

Whether you love to camp on the beach, in the forest, or even in the city, you'll find plenty of great campgrounds in SoCal.

The nation's push for more renewables shows environmental commitment, but is also a pragmatic response to local conditions.

Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono – a recipient of the HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health IT Award – shared with our Steps to Value podcast how her path has been full of changes, but that these changes helped her become the leader she is today.

Have income that isn’t subject to tax withholding? Or insufficient withholdings? You may have to pay estimated taxes.

Enjoy remote control lighting in minutes with a remote control dimmable LED bulb. Smartphone control via the Insteon App. Link to other controllers.

Trustees want to implement "hubs" to serve as semi-official pick-up and drop-off points.