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Both designed by Anish Kapoor, Houston's "Cloud Column" came before Chicago’s famous Bean, according to one museum. Chicago isn't trying to hear that.

President Trump could have used a more appropriate phrase, but the ZOA understands his frustrations with these extremists.

In a surprise display of a politician departing from his party's line, a Democratic mayor in Reading, Pennsylvania has refused to raise the LGBT rainbow pride flag over city hall, arguing that it sends a non-impartial political message. Dave Chappelle has only acted in a handful of projects since departing Chappelle's Show back in 2005. But according… "The stars look very different today" without David Bowie, whose hit single "Space Oddity" is celebrating its 50th anniversary.…

At Marvel's Comic Con 2019 panel on Saturday it was revealed that the actor playing Shang Chi, the Marvel Cinematic… A new trailer for the upcoming DC Universe animated series Harley Quinn was released at Comic-Con 2019 on Saturday…

'Black Widow' stars Scarlett Johannson, Rachel Weisz, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, and O. T. Fagbenle stopped by EW's photo studio at Comic-Con to take stunning portraits.

NIST has extended the comment period on its recently released draft documents... Click to read this Data Law blog post by C&M's Kate Growley and Allegra Flamm.

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The First Pasadena State Bank, a 12-story skyscraper inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, dominated its small town near Houston since 1962.

Every parent has experienced some version of the transformation that takes place when your child decides they don’t like your answer to one of their questions. They ask for the ice cream or the video or the new toy, and when the “no” comes back from the parent, the response can range from a toddler-like tantrum to lawyer-like negotiation. All in hopes of getting a different answer
College counselors often face the same behavior from both students and parents.
A counselor delivers an…