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Ankle Sprain Ankle sprains are caused by an unnatural twisting or force on the ankle bones of the foot, which may result in excessive stretching or tearing o...

SANTA ANA, Calif., Jan. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- For the sixth consecutive year, Tom Ferry was named the No. 1 coach in real estate by the Swanepoel Power 200, ...

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Take a closer look at the teams remaining in the playoffs. A strong ground game can still provide the foundation of an offense that takes you deep into January.

As the new year kicks off, amidst lots of questions about where the overall financial market is heading, companies (and individuals) are thinking about how to be successful in 2019. Sure it takes strategy, and focus, and resilience, and I could go on—but it also takes some luck. But luck isn’t always blind luck. …

Cervecería Centro Americana (CCA), a brewery located in Guatemala, is enhancing its environmental performance by using Global Water & Energy (GWE) technologies to convert wastewater into biogas while achieving effluent quality improvements of 97% in organic matter removal.

Had the Women’s March been founded in love instead of hate, the movement would have stood a chance of surviving its most recent scandal.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday evening and called it a "very sad day for journalism."

HOBAS PIPE USA, a leading manufacturer of centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe, is pleased to announce the promotion of Rene R. Garcia, P.E. to Vice President of Engineering in their Houston, TX headquarters.

Digital transformation is here and businesses need to ensure their network infrastructure is optimized to support new technologies being deployed in their pursuit to achieve greater performance and more impactful business outcomes.

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 with security updates on January 14, 2020. It’s like Windows XP all over again—but much worse. Many more people are sticking with Windows 7 than stuck with XP.

China has 500 EV start-ups. The country can make 20 million EVs a year but will sell fewer than 2 million. Beijing is responding by curtailing new EV companies.

Engineering is at the cutting edge: from robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, to mobile phones, medical technology, advanced sports equipm...

The City of Cedar Park, located near Austin, Texas, is changing the way it communicates with its water customers.

Team success is your success
In the last decade, the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team has made ten straight Final Four appearances and taken home six titles (including an NCAA unprecedented four in a row). But head coach Geno Auriemma doesn’t look for or reward individual superstars. He evaluates the players based on their contributions to the team. No matter how great a player may be, if their play proves they’re out for themselves at the expense of the team, they won’t…

Co-written with Ayisha Malik, Nadiya Hussain's second novel is more than just fluff

Americana, which encompasses Colonial-era antiques and quirky folk pieces by outsider artists, will be center stage at auctions and art fairs in New York.

In the wake of the documentary miniseries Surviving R. Kelly, which debuted earlier this month on Lifetime and contained many explosive…

National Career Fairs holds the largest job fairs in Irvine. Attend a free Career Fair in Irvine on February 6, 2019

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for season 2 of Marvel's The Punisher. Read at your own risk! Forget Pete Castiglione —…

This week's episode covers shutdown, small business, and Buy American Act news, and is hosted by C&M's Peter Eyre and David Robbins. Click to listen.

The archives of the original trilogy show the evolution of Darth Vader, Boba Fett and more denizens of that galaxy far, far away

While there is no way to make divorce “easy” on a child, there are ways to keep a divorce from damaging a child in a severe, lasting way. To the eyes of a vulnerable child, there is a world of difference between two parents separating amicably — while reassuring the child that he or she will r...

“Automation is changing the very things we’re capable of making and how we make them.” These were the opening words of Autodesk CEO, Andrew Anagnost’s introduction to Autodesk University 2018. “Automation is introducing new ecosystems, new jobs and whole new ways of working.”

Kraft Heinz exec Michelle St. Jacques is new MillerCoors CMO, taking the marketing helm during a tough time in the beer industry.