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At WESTEC, you will connect with thousands of leading manufacturers in critical industries such as aerospace, medical, industrial machinery and consumer goods. Our new location, Long Beach, is a gateway to global ports and a vibrant area for machinery. Compare the newest technologies side-by-side while meeting face-to-face with the experts who developed them. Learn more about the business aspects of manufacturing in three days than you…

When the Beetle was first introduced, Americans had never seen anything like it. Among art car enthusiasts, it became the ideal canvas for self-expression.

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products, announces the patented EZR Tray air stripper, a sliding tray, stainless steel air stripper ideal for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated groundwater and waste streams.

Tim Maughan’s new novel explores a different kind of urban dystopia, one where our dependence on technology has been severed.

Smart OmniEdge delivers a framework for how access networks should be designed, deployed and consumed. While many vendors primarily focus...

The technology is ready, but is the world ready? The seismic shift toward water reuse will occur only as driving circumstances reach their tipping point.

Marshall Brown, General Manager of Aurora Water, testified recently on behalf of the WateReuse Association before the Water and Power Subcommittee of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in support of bipartisan legislation to improve the nation’s water supply and drought resiliency.

C&M's Mana Lombardo and Jason Crawford speak with Adam Kaplan, Senior Counsel in the Office of Inspector General at USAID about the important role played by agency inspectors general in FCA investigations. Click to listen.

Our hiring process at Collegewise is a good reminder of what it must be like for admissions officers at many colleges to read applications
We receive hundreds of applications for open positions at Collegewise. And every one of them is read by a human. But for an applicant to progress to the next round of evaluation, they have to give that human a reason to turn around and make that recommendation. One of the least effective offerings is banal language that reads like…

If homeowners can enjoy smart home products, why can't you? Check out how to get a smart apartment or home without upsetting your landlord!

The reaction of the Iranian government to the boarding of the Grace 1 off Gibraltar has been swift and direct reciprocal action has been threatened against “British” ships... Click to read this alert co-written by C&M's Michelle Linderman.

Gary Adams, President of Parsons Middle East & Africa, ranks 7th on our annual list of the Middle East’s Top 60 most prominent contractors, real estate developers, consultants, and facilities management companies. 7. Gary Adams, President of Parsons Middle East Africa Gary Adams is President of Parsons Middle East Africa (MEA), a regional unit …

Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guest: Michael Nørregaard – CEO at Sonic Foundry Inc. Michael discusses the following with Corey: His becoming CEO of the company in April 2019Company …

Robust regulatory schemes can frustrate insurers seeking to utilize technologies that offer the opportunity to reduce claims expense and mitigate loss... Click to read this alert by C&M's Michael Sabino, Richard Liskov, and Laura Foggan.

In a field experiencing such vast change, it’s important to possess a standard body of knowledge and an up-to-date skill set. HIMSS certifications show you’re well informed and well prepared for

Adding some color to U.S. commemoratives is under consideration, the United States Mint revealed during a Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee meeting Wednesday to review candidate designs for the 2…

Greg Mcbride, Bankrate.com chief financial analyst, joins 'The Exchange' to discuss why there's been a push to invest in real estate.

“(T)aking images and having far superior accuracy and speed.” That’s currently the top benefit of AI in healthcare according to Eric Topol, the American cardiologist and geneticist, as well as founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in California.

ASI's BASI and MASI Certification Programs are recognized as credentials of promotional products expertise and specialty marketing. ASI Central members are provided all the educational resources they need to succeed.

The Department is Justice is trying to determine if there was a pattern and practice of violating defendants’ civil rights to secure confessions from inmates.

HONG KONG, July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- China's freight transportation industry is undergoing a radical transformation fuelled by artificial intelligence and big data, according to a keynote speech delivered by Dandan Shan, CEO of ForU Trucking, at RISE 2019 in Hong Kong. Shan--who founded China

Dubai Sustainable City has set ambitious plan in place to reduce single use plastics within the community by 90 per cent as soon as early 2o2o.

What could be worse than a competitor misappropriating your trade secret? When a group of competitors conspire to misappropriate your trade secret! Click to read this Trade Secrets blog post by C&M's Eric Fanchiang and Raija Horstman.

The Venice Film Festival has set Hirokazu Kore-eda’s The Truth (La Verite) as its opening night screening. This is the first film the Palme d’Or-winning Shoplifters director has made ab…

Here are 20 foods that are generally unhealthy — although most people can eat them in moderation on special occasions without any permanent damage to their health.

The Tax Rules Have Changed. Your Business Should, Too.The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 marks the biggest tax reform in more than 30 years. The changes to the tax code are complex (especially for the small-business owner), but you don't have to go it alone. CPA and Attorney Mark J....

I’ve made the hyperbolic joke in front of audiences that the result will be predictable if you apply to Harvard with a 1.0 GPA, an SAT score of -120, and a misdemeanor conviction for attempting to flood your school hallways with lizard spit. Harvard will deny you, but they will happily accept your $75 application fee to do so
It’s not a knock against Harvard in particular. I’ve said it to make the point that most colleges aren’t in the business of dissuading…

Concentrations of three different skill types help explain the variation in employment among U.S. metros over the period 1990 to 2015.

Turn your organization into a really great place to work by doing a few, simple--but powerful--things.