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The United States Air Force conducted an "extraordinary flight" on Thursday with the OC-135 observation aircraft under the Open Skies treaty to "reaffirm U.S. commitment to Ukraine," according to The Pentagon. CBS News said the Open Skies Treaty gives each of the 34 state parties the right to gather information about the military forces and activities of other state parties, with an extraordinary flight allowed on a bilateral basis, which in this part was the agreement between Kiev and

Republican state lawmakers in Wisconsin and Michigan pressed ahead with measures to strip power from the newly elected Democratic Governors, Attorneys General, and other figures after the GOP lost a number of important races in the Midwest in November, according to CNN. Republicans in Wisconsin pushed ahead with a lame-duck session that would give Gov. Scott Walker the opportunity to limit the power of Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers, while the Assembly would also change the date of the 2020

Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling “The love of one’s country is a splendid thing” wrote the famous cellist-conductor Pablo Casals. He then added: “But why should love stop at the border?” With regards to the immigrant caravans wanting to now cross the southern border and enter the United States, love seems to always stop, but not war. Indeed, America’s lethal military misadventures in Central America are not only coming home to roost, but so are its counterinsurgency pogroms that

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