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Gold Remains Quiet - Gold closed down $2.10 at $1199.20 in quiet trading today. It looks left footed to me – but there are still big questions....

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said the bankers at Goldman Sachs "cheated" Malaysia during dealings with the state fund 1MDB on Tuesday, according to CNBC. Mahathir has called for taking more aggressive steps to help recoup fees earned by the bank which has already been under scrutiny for its role in helping raise funds through bond offerings for 1MDB. The massive 1Malaysia Development Bhd has already become the subject of investigations in six countries looking into money-laundering and

Analysis: food allergy cases have risen by up to 50% in the past decade, with a 700% rise in hospitalisations due to anaphylaxis An allergy is defined as an "immune response to a substance especially a particular food, pollen, dust or a medicine to which an individual has become hypersensitive to". Allergic reactions may be mild, moderate or, in severe cases, fatal due to anaphylaxis. The incidences of allergic diseases such as food allergies, asthma, allergic rhinitis and dermatitis have

Make sure when cutting locks that you always use safety goggles or a protective face shield. The grinding disc can sometimes explode and come apart and fly hundreds of feet. Always use a pair of vise grips to secure the lock while grinding the lock off
We find it a good practice to inventory from the door, record the entire process with tripod and video we prefer to have two people present at time of inventory and then use a unique one-of-a-kind seal…

Jennifer Cockerell November 12 2018 2:30 AM 0 Comments Blood scan 'predicts dementia a decade early' A five-minute scan of blood vessels in the neck during mid-life could become part of future dementia screening, researchers have suggested.

Alibaba logged 213.5 billion yuan ($30.8 billion) in sales for its annual Singles’ Day extravaganza, setting a record as shoppers swarmed the e-commerce giant’s online bazaars. China’s largest company, which used a concurrent televised

Turmeric, a bright-yellow spice best known as an ingredient in curry, is gaining scientific interest as a natural alternative to arthritis medications.

Bennett Bedford from BetQL breaks down Week 9 NFL odds and betting trends from four key games. Get gambling advice on which underdogs and favorites are worth your dollars, go inside the numbers on line movement, over/unders, against the spread records, and more.

A new study says there may be a time of day where your body burns the most calories due to circadian rhythms, which control the body's internal clock, sleep and wake cycles, according to The Los Angeles Times. The study was published on Thursday in Current Biology and details how the circadian rhythms can influence calorie burning since most humans burn nearly 10 percent more in the late afternoon than they do late at night. Study co-author Dr. Jeanne Duffy, an associate professor…

President Donald Trump went through with his pre-midterm election promise to crack down on undocumented immigrants crossing the border on Thursday when the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice announced a new rule which would make it more difficult for immigrants to claim asylum if they are found crossing the border between designated points of entry, according to NBC News. Administration officials said Trump had the legal authority to create the rule due to portions of

Chinese President Xi Jinping said even though Beijing wanted to resolve problems with the United States through talks, he also called on the Trump administration to respect China's decisions on development and their own national interests on Thursday, according to Channel NewsAsia. China and the U.S. have been engaged in a tit-for-tat trade war amounting with tariffs amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars each, but President Donald Trump has threatened to place tariffs on the remaining

Since nearly half of all adults in the United States begin their day with a cup of coffee, a new study says that morning ritual can have the added protection off helping preserve your brain, and the darker the roast, the better, according to USA Today. Canadian researchers from the Krembil Brain Institute in Toronto conducted tests using Starbucks VIA Instant light, dark, and decaffeinated dark roasts to test for the presence of compounds known as phenylindanes. Scientists posited the

Gold Prices Steady - No Buzz - Gold closed down $6.00 at $1233.80. This market has turned boring in that closes over this past week point to virtually....

Armed members of a militia kidnapped 79 children from a boarding school in Cameroon's Northwest region on Monday, according to BBC News. Louis Marie Begne, the spokesman for Cameroon's Northwest government, said the men entered the Presbyterian Secondary School in Bamenda where they were able to fight off the guard, forcing him to take them to the children's sleeping quarters. The men took 79 boys and girls and tried to drive away with the school's minibus, but the driver was able to pretend

Gold Weakens - The Dollar Powers Up - Gold closed down $10.30 at $1212.30 today. Gold broke lower in early trading today, not unexpected as the do...

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Moscow announced on Wednesday it was opening an investigation into suspected terrorism after a 17-year-old blew himself up in the lobby of an office of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) in the northern city of Arkhangelsk, according to NBC News. Russia's Investigative Committee said the teenager used a homemade bomb to stage the attack in the lobby of the FSB office, which is Russias domestic security and intelligence service. The attack died on the spot, but the explosion also wounded

Domain Investing reports the Wall Street Journal said Expedia recently acquired, with the terms of the acquisition not revealed by either party. Currently, it is unclear if Expedia plans to keep Pillow operating separately or fold it in among one of it’s other brands, the report said. Craig Clark, the prior registrant of, told Domain Investing the company his company sold the domain to was acquired by Expedia and Expedia exercised its option and purchased the domain name.

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Gold Yawns – Holding its Ground - Gold closed up an unexciting $1.30 today at $1229.10. You will notice that the price of gold today lost momentum as the...

Gold Waits – Patiently - Oct 24, 2018 – Gold closed down $5.60 at $1227.80. So gold at these levels is best described as choppy but the ranges are tight.