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Hundreds of employees of the online home goods company Wayfair plan to walk out of their jobs Wednesday to protest against its investment in furnishing border camps where migrant children are detained, The Guardian reported. At company headquarters in Boston, employees demanded the company stop its partnership with a government contractor to provide beds for detained migrants, the report said. “We believe the current actions of the United States and their contractors at the Southern border do

A Deutsche Welle report Tuesday claims despite European Union sanctions, German companies were involved in exporting weapons-grade chemicals to Syria during the country’s civil war. A report by Süddeutsche Zeitung, public broadcaster Bayerisscher Rundfunk and Switzerland’s Tamedia media group uncovered the chemical deals. The chemicals isopropanol and diethylamine were sold to Syria in 2014 using a subsidiary of German chemical wholesaler Brenntag AG, Deutsche Welle reported. The chemicals were

A multi-million-pound jewelry robbery on May 13 at a shopping center car park has resulted in a manhunt being launched for a suspect, who is believed to have been involved in the heist, The Independent reported Tuesday. A salesman was serious injured when attacked by “a number of men” last month as he exited his car in the Elmsleigh Centre multi-story car park, Surrey Police said. The thieves, the report said, made off with jewelry worth £4.1m. The manhunt is focused upon Ciro…

He previously raised red flags about his well-being and warned about the dangers of social media. The body of YouTube gaming star Etika was positively by New York

“The ripple effect from one death from suicide, as I’ve experienced it in my family…it’s immeasurable.”
“In the aftermath of my brother passing away, it was just dark and filled with questions. You just didn’t know if the answers were in front of you or if there was anything you could have done.”
Danny Saldana
“When my mom told me that my father had died by suicide, I felt like my life had ended.”
Laurie Woodrow
“If I had just reached out to…

A brief explanation of El Nido Family Centers, supporting families and thier children in Los Angeles County since 1925. El Nido's California's largest nonpro...

It was a case of new wine into old bottles, as the Kremlin returned to past practice in its response to growing tensions with Georgia. Moscow would be stepping up scrutiny of Georgian alcohol products, the Russian trading standards body said on Monday. The change was supposedly based on public safety grounds. But the timing of the sudden announcement – in the middle of an escalation between the two former Soviet states – left little to the imagination. The hint at a return…

When Donald Trump entered the Oval Office in January 2017, Americans took to the streets all across the country to protest their instantly endangered rights. Conspicuously absent from the newfound civic engagement, despite more than a decade and a half of this country’s fruitless, destructive wars across the Greater Middle East and northern Africa, was antiwar sentiment, much less an actual movement. Those like me working against America’s seemingly endless wars wondered why the subject merited

Shortly after Iran shot down our drone over the Strait of Hormuz, I asked what the next logical response might be. Appropo of absolutely nothing, one possibility crossed my mind and I wrote the following: So here’s a thought. Saudi Arabia is spoiling for a fight with Iran and they have a (sometimes regrettably) close relationship with President Trump. I wonder if someone is putting a bug in their ear about now. Just some food for thought. These two things may or may…

Great news for children — and grandparents. Toys ‘R’ Us is returning by year’s end. In more modest form, but still back. Toys ‘R’ Us was the massive go-to temple of toys with vast aisles of eye-popping playthings for children, grandparents and parents that went out of business early last year. The rebirth is still

LONDON—The hulk of Grenfell Tower, its charred sides covered by sheets of white plastic, stands as a mute and ominous testament to the disposability of the poor and the primacy of corporate profit. On June 14, 2017, a fire leaped up the sides of the 24-story building, clad in highly flammable siding, leaving 72 dead and 70 injured. Almost 100 families were left homeless. It was Britain’s worst residential fire since World War II. Those burned to death, including children, would not have…

General News The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has issued its annual report for 2019, expressing concerns over the expected disruption as big tech firms like Facebook enter the financial space. BIS specifically raises concern over Facebook’s new Libra project, claiming “big techs have the potential to become dominant through the advantages afforded by the data-network-activities loop, raising competition and data privacy issues.” As such, BIS will be prioritising a “comprehensive

> Since 2015, the civil war between the Saudi-backed Hadi government and Houthi rebels supported by Iran has killed nearly a hundred thousand Yemenis. Many more have been left impoverished, without access to necessities like food and water. As with most conflicts, no side is blameless. But the greatest perpetrator of violence is undoubtedly the Saudi coalition, whose indiscriminate airstrikes are responsible for two-thirds of civilian…

Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling As President Donald Trump and Immigration and Customs Enforcement guards wait two more weeks to target America’s refugees and migrant families for roundups and mass deportations, it might be time to ask a crucial question: What would Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party do? In fact, a more urgent question is: What did Hitler and the Nazis do with a similar plight of refugees and migrant families living in Germany? Since they were both quite conscious and

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My depression seemed to come out of nowhere. I remember dropping off a good friend and saying to him, “Something’s going on. I just don’t feel like myself.”

More than 10 million Istanbul residents will vote on Sunday in a re-run of a mayoral election that has become a referendum on President Tayyip Erdogan's policies and a test of Turkey's ailing democracy. ...

Ethiopia’s army chief of staff has been shot, the prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, has announced on television Sunday as the government said it had thwarted an attempted coup in an autonomous region. Abiy took to national television in the early hours of the morning dressed in military fatigues to make the announcement about Seare Mekonnen, whose condition was not known. The internet was

Washington: The United States launched cyber attacks against Iranian missile control systems and a spy network this week after Tehran downed an American surveillance drone, US media reported on Saturday. US President Donald Trump ordered a retaliatory military strike against Iran after the drone shootdown but then called it off, saying the response wouldn’t be "proportionate" and instead pledged new sanctions on the country. But after the drone’s downing, Trump secretly authorized US Cyber

DAIMLER-EMISSIONS/ (PIX) North American Business Report FRANKFURT — Daimler must recall 60,000 Mercedes diesel cars in Germany after regulators found that they were fitted with software aimed at

Three people died and another was seriously injured in a fire that broke out in a building in central Paris in the early hours of Saturday, fire services said. ...

At least three people died when an under-construction building collapsed at a Cambodian beach resort today, officials said, with fears that an unknown number of others may still be buried in the rubble. The seven-storey building in the beach town of Sihanoukville collapsed with workers inside. "We have pulled out a body and we see two more bodies still stuck between debris," Yun Min, the

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Street musicians who have become a tourist attraction in their own right.

Insurance companies could exacerbate the ransomware situation by distancing targets from financial loss. ...

Georgian parliamentary speaker Irakli Kobakhidze resigned from his post on Friday after violent clashes broke out between riot police and demonstrators outside the parliament in Tbilisi over Russian legislators being invited to speak, according to Al Jazeera. Tbilisi Mayor and secretary-general of the ruling Georgian Dream party Kakha Kaladze read a statement from Kobakhidze after the political party held a leadership meeting on Friday morning. Even though Kobakhidze was in the room when the

Senator Elizabeth Warren revealed her latest policy plan on Friday which would ban private prisons and detention centers as part of her 2020 presidential campaign, according to The Daily Beast. Warren wrote a Medium post which said she would end all contracts with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement has with private prisons and detention centers. "We need significant reform in both criminal justice and in immigration, to end mass incarceration and

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Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling Why would Iran attack Japan’s oil tankers in the Persian Gulf? This, while Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was visiting Iran’s senior leaders to sign a new deal for Iranian oil shipments. Or why would the U.S. contradict one of the oil tanker’s captains, pushing a narrative they were attacked by Iranian mines instead of some flying object? And why would the Trump administration suggest the Authorization for Use of Military Force, or AUMF, passed

Even though it's easy to give in to pessimism, a team of economists released a new study on Thursday which got surprisingly optimistic results after conducting a mass social experiment involving 17,000 wallets being "lost" across dozens of countries, according to National Public Radio. The majority of lost wallets were returned and the results also showed they were even more likely to do so if the wallet contained cash. “We mistakenly assume that our fellow human beings are selfish,” said Alain

India's sixth-largest city continued to struggle with water shortages after weeks of very little rain and high temperatures combined with a monsoon season has led to many reservoirs used by the city running dry on Thursday, according to The Epoch TImes. Nearly 4.6 million residents in Chennai depend on four reservoirs, all of which are nearly dry since the monsoon rain that replenishes them has been delayed. Srini Swaminathan showed a video of the dry reservoir of Lake Puzhal from above when he

Riot police fired rubber bullets and tear gas after protesters stormed the national parliament building in Tbilisi on Friday morning, according to Yahoo News. The crowd started gathering outside Georgia's parliament to demand the resignation of the legislature's speaker Irakli Kobakhidze. Thousands arrived to voice their objection to the visit of a Russian delegation, ten years after the two nations fought a war which lost Georgia two major territories. Local officials said there were nearly

The mayor of Venice asked UNESCO to place the Italian city on its world heritage site blacklist to help divert cruise ships from the tourist hot spot on Thursday, according to The Daily Telegraph. Luigi Brugnaro lashed out for international help after Italy's transport minister refused to endorse a plan to reduce cruise ship traffic in the Giudecca canal. “We will write to Unesco to ask for the city to be put on the blacklist,” he told Radio 24. “Venice is in danger…

The Venezuelan crisis across Latin America has led to an increase in Marxist rebels and right-wing paramilitaries targeting refugees fleeing into Colombia, according to an investigative report published by Reuters on Thursday. Military officials in Colombia, human rights experts, and migrants themselves all described how the lingering violence in Colombia despite the 2016 peace deal between FARC rebels and the Colombian government has led to the armed groups targeting the vulnerable migrants.

So how can people reap the benefits of social media without letting it harm their mental health?

The European Union agreed to extend the bloc's economic sanctions penalizing Russia over its aggression in Ukraine since 2014 on Thursday, according to Deutsche Welle. "The Council [of EU member states] prolonged the restrictive measures introduced in response to the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia until 23 June 2020," the bloc said in a statement. Russia has already faced sanctions from the EU, the United States, and other nations over annexin the Crimean Peninsula in

Amazon drones could be used to perform surveillance operations when not delivering packages, according to a patent filed by the online retail giant. The "Unmanned aerial vehicle based surveillance as a service" patent, which has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), could allow Amazon customers in the future to subscribe to weekly, daily or hourly fly-bys of a chosen location. An array of cameras and sensors would potentially allow the drones to act as much more