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Find new restaurants in Broad Ripple, Fountain Square, Downtown and in Carmel. These are Liz Biro's favorites.

The scene where police are investigating the deaths of a father and two children as a double murder-suicide in an area northeast of Northfield in rural Boone County, near Zionsville, Ind., Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. After their mother was unable to contact the children, police found Michael Hunn, 50, and Zionsville students Harrison Hunt, 15 and Shelby Hunn, 13, dead inside Michael's home at around 11 a.m. Friday.

Police in Ohio have arrested two teens accused of slashing inflatable Christmas decorations put up as part of a community effort to bring joy to a terminally-ill 2-year-old boy who may not make it until December.

When Clarence Thomas arrived at the Supreme Court in 1991 after a bruising confirmation hearing in which his former employee Anita Hill accused him of sexual harassment, fellow justice Byron White said something that stuck with him.

If we're passed over for Austin or Miami, I suspect that a decade from now we'll look back and say it turned out fine, and perhaps for the best.

After a dump truck hit a message board sign on I-70 westbound, west of Emerson, morning rush-hour traffic was snarled.

Owner used to move every few years. Then he bought this home, renovated, and decided to stay. Now this Meridian-Kessler 4 BR can be yours for $1.9M.

Pre-contact distribution of the Natchez language
Natchez is the ancestral language of the Natchez people who historically inhabited Mississippi and Louisiana , and who now mostly live among the Creek and Cherokee peoples in Oklahoma . The language is considered to be either unrelated to other indigenous languages of the Americas or distantly related to the Muskogean languages
The phonology of Natchez is atypical in having…

Bob Kravitz talked with Eagles' beat reporter Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.

A woman stabbed five people — including three newborn babies — early Friday inside a New York City home that was apparently being used as a neighborhood nursery, then slashed her wrist, police said.

Mus citellus Linnaeus, 1766
The European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus), also known as the European souslik, is a species from the squirrel family, Sciuridae . [2] It and the speckled ground squirrel (Spermophilus suslicus) are the only European representatives of the genus Spermophilus . Like all squirrels, it is a member of the rodent order. It is to be found throughout eastern Europe from southern Ukraine , to Asia Minor , Austria , the Czech Republic , Slovakia , Serbia , Greece…

The red-flanked duiker (Cephalophus rufilatus) is a species of small antelope found in western and central Africa in countries as far apart as Senegal and Sudan. [2] Red-flanked duikers grow to almost 15 in (35 cm) in height and weigh up to 31 lb (14 kg). They have russet coats, with greyish-black legs and backs, and white underbellies. They feed on leaves , fallen fruits , seeds and flowers , and sometimes twigs and shoots. The adults are territorial, living in savannah and…