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The district is asking for a $315 million operating referendum to close a budget hole and raise pay but facing some potentially stiff opposition.

There were 17 people who died in the duck boat tragedy in Branson, Missouri, including nine members of an Indianapolis family. Here are the names of the victims.

The device is headed to a National Transportation Safety Board lab in Washington, D.C.

Some experts argue that the life jackets could actually have made escaping a sinking duck boat even harder.

The alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula) is a ray-finned euryhaline fish related to the bowfin in the infraclass Holostei /hoʊˈlɒstiaɪ/ . It is the largest species in the gar family, and among the largest freshwater fishes in North America . The fossil record traces its existence back to the Early Cretaceous over a hundred million years ago
Gars are often referred to as " primitive fishes "…

The Korean melon [1] (Cucumis melo L. var. makuwa) or chamoe (참외), following its Korean name, is a type of melon primarily grown in Korea , [2] The fruit is typically about half-foot (15 cm ) long and weighs slightly over 1 pound (0.45 kg). [2] [3] It is also cultivated in Japan , China and other Eastern Asian countries. It is smooth and oblong, with white stripes that run the length of the fruit. [2] It has white flesh that is juicy…

Ganga Bruta (literally translated as "Brutal Gang"; [1] also known as Rough Diamond [2] [3] ) is a 1933 Brazilian drama film directed by Humberto Mauro . Starring Durval Bellini and Déa Selva, it follows a man who, after killing his wife on their wedding night, moves to a city where he becomes part of a love triangle. It was produced between 1931 and 1932 for Adhemar Gonzaga at his studio Cinédia . On its initial release, the film was highly criticized and…

Any time we are in a position to make a decision that will impact our lives in a positive way is a gift from God. The Lord gives us many chances to obey Him each day, and He gives each of us the privilege of having a personal relationship with Him. But we often let opportunities pass us by because we Don't recognize they have been sent from our heavenly Father. By definition, an opportunity is only available to us for a limited…

"Habsburg" redirects here. For the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, see House of Lorraine . For other uses, see Habsburg (disambiguation)
House of Habsburg
[ˈhaːpsbʊɐ̯k] ; traditionally spelled Hapsburg in English), also called House of Austria [1] was one of the most influential and distinguished royal houses of Europe. The throne of the Holy Roman Empire was continuously occupied by the Habsburgs between 1438 and…

Paratropis tuxtlensis is a species of spiders in the family Paratropididae (baldlegged spiders). Discovered in 2014 by a group of researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico , [2] the species is only known to occur in the Volcán San Martin Biosphere Reserve in Veracruz , Mexico . [3]
The holotype male measured 8.20 millimeters in length, and the paratype female measured 12.90 millimeters…

A deep dive into a report that attempts to explain why a project funded by the foundation that involved using standardized test scores to evaluate teachers was a bust.

Are you haunted by past sins or weighted down by feelings of guilt? Dr. Stanley teaches that if you are a child of God, your heavenly Father chooses not to remember your sins anymore. When you listen to this encouraging message, you'll be reminded of Christ's sacrifice for your sins and the true freedom that is yours to live life without guilt.

Marketing conferences in the second half of 2018 to inspire and re-energize your marketing plan and meet your marketing goals.

Experienced tournament operators. For 25+ years, USA of Indiana hosts the best Indiana pre-season and post-season tournaments, Pike Fest, Fusion Fall Classic, Indy Burn Cup which each attract 150-200 teams annually
Pike Fest, Fusion Fall Classic, Indy Burn Cup offer multiple divisions per age group which ensures quality competition for all skill levels
Pike Fest, Fusion Fall Classic, and Indy Burn Cup utilizes only the best…

In this episode of podcast, "The Bishops Speak," Bishop David Bard shares his perspectives on the work of the Commission on A Way Forward.