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Martin, who has played with Erykah Badu, Chaka Khan, Snarky Puppy, and others, streamlines his sound on his new LP.

As I sit here writing this, just hours away from moving half-way across the country, my own bookshelves look remarkably similar to cardboard boxes. (Because they are.) But prior to The Great Book Boxing Up Of 2019, I had some time to consider how to…

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The nationally ranked, highly selective art fair brings nearly 200 artists to the Indy 'hood.

Summertime brings plenty of free outdoor concerts all over Indianapolis, giving music lovers of just about every genre an opportunity to enjoy the summer breeze while listening to some awesome

The Schools of Decatur Township
Decatur Township was erected as a township of Marion County in 1822, and was named after Stephen Decatur, a Naval hero from the War of 1812. School being taught in the township is recorded back to the winter of 1824-25. The first schools were founded and maintained by churches within the community, and it wasn’t until the 1870’s that the township trustee and taxpayers took over responsibility for the schools. The township had two high schools one on…

The Indianapolis Public Library provides materials, programs and services in support of the lifelong learning, recreational, and economic interests of all Marion County residents.

The old Willie Dixon adage, “blues is truth,” perfectly describes the searing, contemporary blues-rock of world-renowned guitarist and vocalist Coco Montoya.

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The beluga whale with suspected Russian military ties has become a local attraction in Norway. It's so tame, it reportedly comes when called.

Noah Centineo and Jimmy take turns using a dance generator to make up random high school-themed moves on the spot, like the "Dirty Dancing when the Chaperone...