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Lady Gaga is reportedly signed a $100 million deal for a 50 show residency in Vegas. There should be an official announcement this week. It’s rumored her residency will be at the soon-to-be opened …

Taylor Swift has released a brand new app called “The Swift Life” that gives fans access to an exclusive social network, emojis and more. The app gives iPhone users access to exclusive content like…

In the career field, “gamification” has often been understood as playing games about career topics. The reality is t...

A simple guide to create a capsule wardrobe and start dressing better with fewer clothes. How to create your first capsule wardrobe with less than 40 items.

Google AdWords offers three major keyword match types: broad match, phrase match, and exact match. It’s safe to say that if not you don't know how to use each

International Private Investigator Firm Based in Indianapolis, Indiana known worldwide as the premier resource for engaging Indianapolis investigators. Staffed by former law enforcement, legal and forensic specialists, each Indiana investigator brings expertise from outside the private investigator field. These diverse backgrounds have combined to create the best team of Indiana private investigators.

Smoke Free Indy, a group from the Marion County Health Department, surveyed over 300 properties this year, and found 24 percent do not allow smoking.

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in the the not-for-profit sector ... then you've come to the right place
We promise to work within your budget to create a unique design that conveys a professional image for your organization. We will also help you streamline content and navigation so that end-users can quickly find the information and tools they are seeking
Let our team serve as your organization's…

The College Survival and Success Scale (CSSS) measures a student's ability to get the most from postsecondary education and training and use it to build a successful future. While more students are trying to further their educ

Have some old books that are just sitting on the shelf? Or maybe those old books have been packed away and you are looking for some creative ways to repurpose those old books? Last week I shared how I made a few quick changes to the mantel to decorate things for Thanksgiving. Sitting on …

Track kilometres or time spent doing any sport to make a long-lasting difference to young people across the world. If you’re an Adecco Group colleague, client or associate start tracking your sporting achievements now
What is Win4Youth
Since 2010 we’re proud to have united thousands of people through sport every year for charity.
Become an Ambassador
Each year a select group of colleagues and associates from…

2017 Q3 U.S. Insurance Labor Outlook Study Results
Explore staffing projections and hiring plans for the U.S insurance industry in 2017
Get the results from the third quarter iteration of The Jacobson Group and Ward Group's 2017 U.S. Insurance Labor Outlook Study. A valuable industry tool, the webinar examines data collected on insurance industry hiring and revenue trends and projections.
Discover which sectors are growing at…

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This article attempts to list pseudoscientific inventions wherein common water is used to either augment or generate a fuel to power an engine, boiler or other source of power. This is not to be confused with legitimate inventions (such as hydroelectricity ) in which the kinetic energy of flowing water is used for power
The electrolysis of water splits water…

Cancer patients' gray hair unexpectedly turned youthfully dark while taking novel drugs, and it has doctors scratching their heads.

Look up epicenter in Wiktionary, the free dictionary
The epicenter, epicentre /ˈɛpɪsɛntər/ or epicentrum [1] is the point on the Earth 's surface that is directly above the hypocenter or focus, the point where an earthquake or underground explosion originates. The word derives from the New Latin noun epicentrum, [2] the latinisation of the ancient Greek adjective ἐπίκεντρος (epikentros), "occupying a cardinal point, situated on a…

Most recruiters I know are guilty of at least one of the hiring mistakes below. It’s not their fault, either: these bad habits have become the norm in today’s recruiting world.

Employers should embrace the season rather than fight against it by rolling out extra perks, encouraging vacation time and planning outdoor team events.

A digital pet (also known as a virtual pet, artificial pet, [1] or pet-raising simulation) is a type of artificial human companion . They are usually kept for companionship or enjoyment. People may keep a digital pet in lieu of a real pet
Digital pets are distinct in that they have no concrete physical form other than the hardware they run on. Interaction with virtual pets may or may not be goal oriented. If it is, then the user must keep it…

Indiana State Police sent this bulletin at 07/18/2017 08:39 PM EDT
Indiana AMBER Alert
Bryce Young
The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) is investigating the abduction of three children from Indianapolis, IN
Lyle Daniel is a 2 year old black male, 2 feet 7 inches tall, 28 pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes. It is unknown what he is wearing.
Evan Daniel is a 3 year old black male, 3 feet 5 inches tall, 35 pounds, with black hair, and brown eyes.…

– Bill Bigelow, Rethinking Schools magazine
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Rarely will one find an analysis of racism that is as comprehensive as this one. From incisive and wide-ranging critiques of how white folks deflect, deny, and evade the topic of racism, and the implications of our own racial identity and position, to an absolutely on-point interrogation of…

In 2010, Sgt. Mike Liscomb was injured while serving overseas in raq.
Six years of limb salvage surgeries and infections eventually led to the amputation of his left leg last year.
He is now thriving thanks to his state-of-the-art bionic prosthetic.

IN 46226-1526
Robin DiAngelo
All Souls Unitarian Church is hosting a one-day seminar on Saturday, July 22, from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on “what it means to be white” in our current American society. Come spend the day and learn from Robin DiAngelo, Ph.D., as she leads a challenging and insightful seminar, helping to explore and learn “What does it means to be white in a society that proclaims race is meaningless yet is deeply divided by race?” In the face of…

In a new video FAQ, Hankey Social Security disability attorney Sondra Burger discusses how you may be eligible for SSD benefits if you suffer from seizures.

During a medical procedure, you may be placed under anesthesia. Here is what you need to know about anesthesia errors and the risks involved.

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Focused on Your Goals & Best Interests During a Divorce Divorce is often a life-altering and emotional event. It is important to have support throughout the process. We will work closely with you throughout the entire process and protect your interests, together with those of your children, every step of the way. Our goal is …