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Tef Cap can manufacture heat shrink FEP Tubing for custom applications and also produces material to meet Military Specifications as well as heat shrink tubing that is Biocompatible and USP Class VI certified. Heat Shrink FEP Tubing can be produced in standard 4 ft lengths or on spools with long continuous lengths for automated cutting machines. These long spools help eliminate waste and speed up assembly.

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Calories: The Original Renewable Energy
The key to any workout regimen is burning calories. Discover how that happens with Groupon’s exploration of the body’s inner furnace
In all of weight loss, there may be no concept less aptly named than the calorie. That’s because a calorie is a unit of scientific measure—specifically, a measure of…

'Modern gadgets like cell phones and electronic fishing games might make our lives more convenient, but they also make it more difficult to hold a slice of pizza. Free your hands and go old school with this deal, good for $30 of New York-style pizza at Flippin’ NY Pies & Slices for just $15. Old school is the only way at Flippin’ Pizza NY Pies & Slices. Forget the oil, the sugar, the fluff. Flippin’ Pizza is so dedicated to their craft, they…

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'Hotel at a Glance: The Port Hotel Since 1902, The Port Hotel has welcomed visitors to Port Washington from its location in the historic district on Main Street. Each of the guest rooms has unique decor in styles ranging from French Provincial to the Mediterranean to Williamsburg Colonial. Some rooms look out on the harbor, while others feature views of downtown. In-room breakfast prepared by a…

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'Rolling in the aisles, while not acceptable in churches or grocery stores, is considered a compliment at the Broadway Comedy Club. Let loose and get your rolling muscles ready with this offer from The Broadway Comedy Club for 2 tickets to a stand-up comedy show, a $40 value, for $20. At the Broadway Comedy Club, at least 4 national headlining comics will take to the stage during your show. If you didn’t know where you funny bone was before, you’ll find out during…

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