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Roger Webb was the founder of the Architectural Heritage Foundation , Architectural Conservation Trust for Massachusetts, and Preservation Massachusetts . He was an early leader in the preservation movement and proved that adaptive reuse is a practical and economical solution to utilizing historic buildings
Have you ever noticed the Donkey in front of Old City Hall? You have Roger and his humor to thank for that…

Ignoring foot pain can turn out to be a costly mistake. Let's look into the common reasons your feet hurt, so you can avoid complications and get some relief.

When you spend all day on your aching feet, the best slippers for foot pain can be a welcome change from your sneakers, heels, or work boots. That said, shopping for the right pair isn't as intuitive as you might think. Much like the insoles in your…

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MultiBoot Xtra from AliMed offers secure foot and ankle positioning, added comfort and extra protection against footdrop.

ARCH Orthodontics offers a variety of "appliances" and techniques to keep your smile in top shape

Treat your sleep apnea easier than ever before with Dr. Andrew Chase of ARCH Orthodontics! With this small tool, you will be investing in your health & get better sleep.

Foot odor, or bromdosis, can cause discomfort and embarrassment, but there are a variety of simple and effective ways to resolve this issue.

ARCH Orthodontics is one of the fastest growing Dental Practices in New England. We're celebrating 45 years of service, and since the day we opened our doors in Stoughton, MA, we have been bringing our vision to reality: To deliver the greatest smiles and healthiest bites to every person in every area we serve in the most compassionate and caring way while maintaining a small and…

“Getting up on pointe is one of the most athletic things you can do,” and here’s how they do it.

Plantar fasciitis commonly causes stabbing pain that usually occurs with your first steps in the morning. Learn about causes, treatments, prevention.

Loyal readers of this site might note that we periodically stray from incisive, topical coverage of our exciting field of Infectious Diseases, and venture off into subjects that may or may not be ID-related. And good news for fans of this approach, because today it’s time to release our third episode of Fun with Old Medical Images. …

Heart failure occurs when the heart cannot supply enough blood and oxygen to the main organs in the body.
The condition affects about 5.7 million people in the United States and approximately 26 million people worldwide.
Some experts predict that heart failure will become more and more prevalent worldwide, which has led them to refer to it as a

Bunion surgery is used when other more conservative treatment methods have failed and your bunions are causing severe pain and mobility issues.