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The GATK blog outlines different flavors of machine learning, and talks about the GATK team's current and future machine learning plans.

JetBlue Airways Corp. is promoting Joanna Geraghty to president, tasking her with running day-to-day operations while freeing up Chief Executive Officer Robin Hayes to focus on long-term planning.

GEN is recognizing professionals in biopharma research and/or business who have been recognized for their achievements and are under 40 years old.

Levi's X Karla, the new collaboration between the classic jean company and Hollywood stylist Karla Welch, is finally here! It is full of "future vintage" looks.

Slated to consider the three top contenders for chancellor at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the board of trustees is postponing its meeting tomorrow in light of “the volume of feedback” related to the candidates, including calls from the school’s faculty staff union to reopen the search process.

When I was fresh out of graduate school, all I wanted to do was work in public housing. I am willing to bet this does happen often. I had zero clue what I was doing, had zero practical experience and about 8 years of merchandizing Coca-Cola for job background. I applied for 43 different jobs at 31 different housing authorities. I never received one phone call or email back. It was a blood bath for a new guy trying to get into a…

Crunchy, crispy celery is well known for being low in calories, but its health benefits go far beyond use as a diet food.

A 17-pdr anti-tank gun and crew near Cassino, 17 May 1944. A Sherman tank can be seen in the background
Two German paratroopers fighting among the ruins of the Monastery.
Monastery Hill shrouded in smoke after an Allied air raid.
The Allies had been struggling all year at Cassino, the mountainous redoubt in the middle of the German ‘Gustav’ Line. Bitter fighting had continued in appalling conditions and the Monastery at the centre of the defences had been smashed to smithereens. The attempt…

Watts Automotive, American Fork, UT -

Watts Automotive, American Fork, UT -

Watts Automotive, American Fork, UT -

Make your summer one to remember with our indoor and outdoor camps! You'll learn a variety of climbing based skills and games as well as team building activities, crafts, and more
This is a great place to make new friends who have a shared interest or to spend time with good friends from outside of the gym.
Camp is staffed at a 5:1 camper to staff ratio and all staff are trained to give your climbers the best experience possible. Watch the videos…

Watts Automotive, American Fork, UT -

Christening the MS Robert Burns
Dear Readers, I mentioned in my last column that I was traveling. While I experienced some of the hassles at airports, when I reached my destination, Vienna, I was enchanted once more by this most popular city. Earlier this year, I was named Godmother to Riviera River Cruises newest riverboat, the MS Robert Burns, named after one of my favorite poets. In this role, it was my job to christen the ship. The ship was magical, for it…

DAVID CAPELESS WORKED CLOSELY with Gov. Charlie Baker to choreograph the handoff of his job as Berkshire Country district attorney to a top aide, going so far as to pull nomination papers for himself to throw reporters off the scent. Emails obtained from the district attorney’s office under the Public Records Law indicate Capeless was concerned that reporters might(...)

Like politicians don’t have enough perks already, here’s the latest: free babysitting.State lawmakers are making a push to let candidates use their campaign cash to pay for child care expenses incurred doing campaign-related work, and it’s not as far-fetched as you might think.The Federal Election Commission ruled just last week that a New York congressional candidate can pay for babysitting with her campaign account, paving the way for any federal incumbent or candidate to get the same perk.

A dormitory for golf course workers has drawn opposition from some neighbors, including the CEO of Liberty Mutual.

A state report finds that 12 nursing homes still have not given out public money intended to boost wages for nursing home staff.

Instead of moving and being active, children spend, on average, over seven hours a day sitting around watching TV or twiddling on other electronic devices.

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