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The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Fundamental Physics Innovation Awards hope to stimulate ideas on innovative ways in which emerging technologies can be used to address pressing problems in fundamental physics. The awards support a variety of ways to bring people together to discuss and collaborate on ideas in these areas.

When students come into your class, they may not be expecting an active class. The first day is particularly important for framing the norms, expectations, and rationale for your class approach, tapping into students’ internal motivations and creating a supportive class community. This sixth chapter of our student engagement series focuses on the first week of class. CHAPTER 6: FIRST DAY

"Visual art has the power to spark conversations, to envision ideas and concepts, to make the intangible tangible, to inject the issues into our mainstream culture."

This collaboration aims to enable people to access and engage with physics through art and to think about the role physics plays in their lives and the world at large. It provides meaningful creative and intellectual experiences for the…

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Women’s brains are more vulnerable than men’s to injury from repeated soccer heading, a study of amateur soccer players suggests. Among players who headed a similar number of balls, women showed more signs of microscopic damage in their brains than men did. The results were published in the journal Radiology.

Sixty-nine small business in Maryland graduated from a training program funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Goldman Sachs called 10,000 Small Businesses.

A semi-professional Hyattsville chamber choir has released its second album, even though most of its members are still in college.