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Ohio’s Medicaid expansion is among the outgoing governor’s signature achievements. He is using this report as well as stories from people who have gained coverage to shore up support fo…

A genetic counseling session allows for a thorough evaluation of an individual's medical history to create personalized care plan.

Good Samaritan Society-Beatrice has been recognized as a 2018 Silver – Achievement in Quality Award recipient by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL). The

Sonya Lutter, associate professor of personal financial planning, has been named the interim director of the School of Family Studies and Human Services following the departure of Dottie Durband. She began her duties in July. “The School of Family Studies and Human Services will continue thriving under Dr. Lutter”, said Mark Haub, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics […]

Kansas State University Gardens to host Daylily Daze July 7
Free parking is adjacent to the Gardens.

One wife shares how she's re-defined her relationship with her husband as he deals with serious health changes.

Smoking policy effective June 1, 2018
Smoking is a public health and fire hazard. Locations where smoking is allowed shall be restricted in order to prevent infringements upon others; and create and maintain an environment and culture that is in the best interests of the safety, health and well-being of all users of university property
The smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or burning tobacco in any…

Good Samaritan Society – Fort Collins Village is pleased to announce the hiring of a new full-time chaplain. Mark Langness joined the staff in April 2018, after volunteering on a part-time basis for the last five years. The previous chaplain, Steve Kitterman, retired after 13 years of service
Prior to accepting this permanent position with the Village, Langness headed the Senior Soul Care Ministry which brought…

Don’t move on to another subject until he or she is ready
Maintain eye contact, speak slowly and clearly, and use words familiar to the person to promote better understanding.
2. Ask open-ended questions
Open-ended questions can’t be answered with a yes or no. “Do you like your room?” does not encourage the speaker to extend the conversation.
Instead ask, “I see pictures of children on your dresser — who are they?”
3. Ask one question at a time
Provide sufficient time…

How did you find out about the Good Samaritan Foundation
I found out about the Foundation when I started working at the Society. Chuck Hiatt (former Foundation president) and I started on the same day in 2002, and that was the first I had heard of the Foundation. That connection led me to learn more about the Foundation and some of the different programs that were a part of it.
Why is giving to the Foundation is important to you?
Initially, I gave…

Seggiano USA, Inc. of Cheyenne, WY is voluntarily recalling Tuscan Kale Pesto mislabeled with Artichoke & Garlic labels because the labels do not declare tree nuts (cashews). Individuals who have allergies to tree nuts run the risk of a serious life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume the Tuscan Kale Pesto product. No incidents have been reported to date in connection with this issue.