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Heaton's tweet asking why Sinise has seemingly never been considered for TIME Person of the Year went viral as more than 60,000 people expressed their agreement in less than 24 hours.

Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer aren't happy with their debut season on Teen Mom OG. After Meyer's tirade last week, Palin went off on the hit MTV series herself, as she accused the show of false na...

The lame duck Congress is only getting lamer as Republicans face a Democratic majority taking over the House of Representatives on January 3rd.

Advisories extended until 10 a.m. for some areas after multiple problems reported on roadways.

Southern Visions, LLP, makers of Sweet Brew tea and lemonade, broke ground on a new manufacturing facility this morning in Bay Minette. The new 125,000-square-foot facility will house the company's tea and sugar production operations and is expected to create...

If you’re wondering how to fall asleep earlier, look no further than this article. You’ll learn why a quality sleep is so vital and my top 10 sleeping tips.

When I was a kid, Mom called my brother and me home each night to eat our supper. But on weekends, we had Sunday dinner, which occurred in the afternoon, not long after church services.Some people use either word to mean the evening meal, while some use them interchangeably to refer to the main meal...

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Some people question why this drink continues to be a holiday tradition.

America shouldn't give up on strong leadership and public service.

Here are seven ways you and your family can celebrate Christmas at Georgia Aquarium, plus two bonuses!

Today, LEADTOOLS released an update to its Multimedia SDKs that enhances support for several formats and streaming capabilities. These improvements are all g

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The Supreme Court is currently considering the constitutionality of "civil forfeiture," the process in which law enforcement officials seize assets and property from citizens accused of a crime.

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The Beechcraft 1900C is a 19 passenger, pressurized twin-engine turboprop aircraft for regional airliner operators built by Beechcraft division of the Raytheon Company. It is also used as a cargo or freight aircraft, executive transport and a military light transport aircraft. The aircraft is designed to operate in all weather and at smaller regional airports as well as small airports in rural areas. This aircraft is a very popular aircraft with a long history. It has a range of 600 miles and a…

The Dreamscape model here is built very near to scale. Engines are modeled. Stratocruiser is fully textured and comes with animateable control surfaces, landing gear, cowl flaps and propellers. It is available in several different formats.The Stratocruiser was developed in parallel with the military C-97 Stratofreighter after WWII. It was a derivative of the B-29 Superfortress and B-50 Superfortress.Using the same wings, stabilizer and tail as…