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The Lucy Pet Foundation built a surf truck equipped with American Wave Machines technology. Because dogs also love to surf.

Product Name:Corduroy Button-Front Overall Skirt, Category:dress, Price:27.9

If you are in Los Angeles, tortillas are a staple. But are they all the same? Doubtful. So KCRW and Gustavo Arellano set out to find the best flour and corn tortillas in Greater LA, and the winners…

Photo by: Mr. X, Survivalist
If you were drawn to this article by the title then you must be at least somewhat familiar with the short story by Tim O’Brien by the similar title; The Things They Carried. If that is the case then my hat goes off to you for being a fellow sophisticant and purveyor of fine literature… if not, you should go read that as soon as possible… it’s about Vietnam
I write this having just returned from a deer…

Make sure when cutting locks that you always use safety goggles or a protective face shield. The grinding disc can sometimes explode and come apart and fly hundreds of feet. Always use a pair of vise grips to secure the lock while grinding the lock off
We find it a good practice to inventory from the door, record the entire process with tripod and video we prefer to have two people present at time of inventory and then use a unique one-of-a-kind seal…

As we approach Q4 of 2018, blockchain technology is still among the top headlines, despite a rather rocky year for the cryptocurrency and ICO markets.

If you have a Chase Sapphire card and have at least $75,000 in qualifying assets, you could get a 60,000-point bonus for opening a Sapphire Banking account.

A bit like the shaka, the "stoke" is strongly linked with surfers and wave riders. So, why do surfers feel so stoked all the time?

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For the Tadashi Shoji Spring 2019 RTW collection, the designer said he used the galaxies for inspiration.

Did you know changing your windshield wiper is a pretty simple process? Bunny is here with a quick step-by-step guide to help those who may not know how. Get...

Logic Supply is searching for a User Experience Designer (UX). We’re looking for a digital and visual storyteller. In this role, you will work with other designers to present the brand and...

Logic Supply is searching for a Full-Stack Web Developer to join our growing team. We’re looking for an individual with extensive web development experience and a demonstrated ability to quickly learn new technologies. This individual...

Sleep problems have been linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer, and more. Learn how cancer treatment affects sleep, and what you can do to sleep better.

It's official. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized the importance of surfing, and the sport of riding waves will be featured in the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Website: aclyd.com Hello everyone! I’m Maura, the Last Black Unicorn from Coin Info News and today we are here with a very special guest: Jessica Con...

Cryptic Labs, a research institute that wants to use blockchain technology to solve security problems, has announced the addition of two Nobel laureates in economics — Eric Maskin and Christopher Pissarides — to its economic advisory board. They will be called upon to provide insights into game theory and token economics, bolstering the institute’s mission …

Entertaining and amusing hard-boiled detective lingo to impress your murder mystery dinner guests or make you sound more tough, hardheaded and cool.

Forget what you know. Enjoy the the latest installment in the military shooter series Call of Duty: Black Ops. Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 at GameStop.

The Investor Relations website contains information about Global Payments Inc.'s business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts.

As your business grows, so do your paper records. Knowing where to start when it comes to solving this problem can be a challenge. Don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed to figure out how to effectively and efficiently manage your paper records.

The summer of 2018 has been a boon for eDiscovery case law, with several courts spotlighting any number of best practices for addressing discovery issues. One such best practice is the role effective custodian interviews play in establishing a defensible preservation strategy. Fulsome custodian interviews are essential for ensuring that relevant electronically stored information (ESI) is preserved. Such interviews are characterized by exhaustive questioning on any…

In response to increasing demand for enhanced processing power at the edge, IoT hardware specialists Logic Supply have released the smallest ever fanless and ventless NUC to feature an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor.