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The best job in the world is to sit and look at trees. Here's one man's story.

The Australian surfer says there's no need to "put a cage around J-Bay." Fanning want to "right the wrongs and move forward."

Craigslist style ads. There’s lots of free stuff out there, so don’t be shy about looking for it. There are many generous people in the nation who have so much that they are not above sharing with those less fortunate than they. Some of the Free Items on social media sites are valuable too. Take advantage of other’s generosity
Roadside trash. I have seen many items of great value set along the side of the road, discarded property waiting for the trash-man. Some…

The Hiball Profiles are back and in this episode we follow one of our very own ambassadors, Ben Leber. Playing 10 years in the NFL and finishing with the Min...

Summer is right around the corner, it’s time to welcome back the outdoor furniture. It’s time to have fun in the sun in style. It’s the season to hang outside and enjoy the warm weather. The season for barbeques and swimming, most importantly; lounging and tanning. Introducing our new Renava Palms outdoor sofa set. Time …

Two people were killed in a multi-vehicle collision on the 5 Freeway in the northeast San Fernando Valley, officials said.

Breathing longer means being able to challenge two- to three-wave hold downs, and giant waves closing out in front of your eyes.

Read how Preston Dennett never gave up on his dream of being a science fiction writer. Now, after entering the contest 47 times, and numerous honorable mentions later, his dream is coming true.

A high surf advisory is in effect across Southern California beaches Monday, the National Weather Service reported.
Strong and dangerous rip currents are expected in Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange counties, officials warned.
Four to seven feet surf is expected, along with powerful breaking waves and sneaker waves.

The first stop on the 2016/2017 Big Wave Tour (BWT) season will feature 24 surfers.

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A consistent information governance lesson that courts have emphasized for decades is the need to develop an effective records retention program. Such a program should result in the retention of information based on its value to the enterprise, together with other information that may be...

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Looks like AMD's 32-Core Threadripper is resonating with a lot more folks than just enthusiasts. Intel just dolleyed out its Frankenstein 28-Core demos from the show floor in embarrassment according to this Tweet. #28CoreCoolingGate
To give you some context, here is Intel's cooling system used on its 28-Core demo yesterday.
And here is AMD's 32-Core cooler used on yesterday's demo.
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Not a lot new news here from what we already know about 32-Core Threadripper, but there is some talk about the Wraithripper cooler, and some insight into a few of the ideas around the program. It is an entertaining watch if you are the full nerd.
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With the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 down to as little as $255, now is the time for us to discuss exactly what the benefits, if any, there are to purchasing the 2700 rather than its more expensive 2700X. If you consider yourself a computer hardware enthusiast, and are building a new system any time soon, you will want to give this a read.

Ride a trail of blazing guns and two-fisted action as L. Ron Hubbard brings the Wild West to life in the Western Short Story Collection. For the best audiobook experience, get the Western Audiobook Collection–you'll be ducking bullets while listening to these multicast productions of stories from the Old West.

A teenage girl was attacked by a dog in the Mead Valley area. Following a dog bite accident you are entitled to pursue a personal injury claim. A dog bite accident attorney can help you recover from the physical and mental damages.

Dear CBE supporters & friends
Help us get the word out to your family and friends that are registered to vote.
Environmental justice communities across the state have the power to influence elections results. Itâs important we turnout on election day to show our collective power.
Not sure where you stand on the 5 statewide Propositions that are on the ballot? Here is a Voter Guide prepared by the California Environmental Justice Alliance.

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 34 debuts 12 new illustrators of creativity and diversity in science fiction and fantasy art.

Ideal uses include wine, spirits, and olive oil bottles. This capsuling unit is intended for manual use with a bench. Works with thermoshrink PVC capsules up...