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This is one for all you parents out there. Need a little help with the kids? Who doesn't. Well you're in luck thanks to this list of simple yet effective parenting hacks that are sure to make your life just that little bit easier.

Working with Raspberry Pi GPIO pins is easy and very useful. In this video is an introduction to doing just that. Hope you enjoyed the video! PiJuice HAT: ht...

Making iPhone and Android phone calls with Alexa is a snap once you fiddle with the right settings, but did you know the Alexa/Echo combo works with landlines, too? All you need is an Echo Connect.

SHOULD BE 2 TSP VANILLA NOT TBSP IN THE ENERGY BALLS! The first thing I hear when I pick my kids up from school is "I'm hungry!" But there isn't much time be...

Still got a few dollars left after Prime Day? Newegg's Fantastech extended sale has some awesome deals for PC enthusiasts.

The Google Pixel 3a is more than a low-cost alternative to the Pixel 3, it's a damn good phone in its own right.

Purchase a wall tile with the inscription of your choice in support of the new Teen Media Center. Tiles may be purchased online or at the circulation desk at the library.

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Brownie is made with almond milk, vegan-certified & so boldly loaded with Greyston Bakery fudge brownies you'll get Ben & Jerry's euphoria in every bite.

A Colorado mother is sharing her daughter’s health scare in hopes of helping other parents stay vigilant about tick-related illnesses.

Are you ready for a beautiful holiday project? This amazing Most Wonderful Time wall quilt is just that project. It's a great size and perfect for wool or flannel applique. Even if I never made the entire quilt, I'd love to have all these cute motifs in my library of designs to use on ornaments, gift bags, tags and so much more
If you were busy over the July 4th holiday weekend you might have missed the new Grandpap D's Cherry Tree .…