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Where do you seek medical care when your regular doctor or healthcare provider is close for the day? What're the differences between urgent care center & ER?

Casey Kennedy began dreaming of a military career when she was a child. In fact, she still has a piece of paper from grade school outlining her plans to join the Navy. Kennedy ended up committing to the Nebraska Army National Guard and served for five years. Within the National Guard, Kennedy chose to honor her late great grandfather’s legacy and protect fellow service members as a member of the military police force.

Debra Sawyer began her professional career as an accountant. Now, she is the proud owner of 21 Sport Clips locations across Virginia and Florida.

Infographic: Keep Cool This Summer
For seniors, going out in the summer sunshine can be a real mood booster. But did you know that of all weather-related emergencies — from subzero temperatures to tornadoes — extreme heat is the most dangerous for older adults? Whether indoors or out, help seniors take precautions to prevent heat-related illness.

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Cleveland Clinic men’s health survey reports that most guys are tight-lipped about their health. Why is that?

Can you reduce dementia risk? A new study suggest mental and physical activities can greatly reduce risk later in life.

April is National Donate Life Month
As George was renewing his driver's license, the clerk asked if he wanted to be an organ donor. George laughed. "Son, I'm 75 years old. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. My organs are all too old to help someone else!"
Was George correct?
In fact, experts tell us, seniors are very good candidates for organ donation.
More than 35,000 organ transplants take place each year in the United States. These surgeries save or improve the…

A VFW scholarship program has helped one Navy veteran work toward his goal of earning a higher education. Sean Sexton, who currently is stationed at Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va., is one of the most recent recipients of VFW’s Sport Clips Help a Hero Scholarship.

A powerful and beautifully written account, centred on the experience of the author’s father, and identifying a crisis in care

Celebrating an associate's 20th Anniversary at Silverado
March 26, 2019 marked a very special day at Silverado Highland Park, for this day was the 20th anniversary of our community's very own Director of Health Services, Marcia Kravetz. From California to Illinois, the countless moments she has shared at Silverado with associates and residents and all the lives she has touched have made a lasting impact on…

A hundred things (plus one extra) that you can be doing, right now, to make yourself look sharper.

In 1992 at Riviera Country Club, a young Tiger Woods made his first PGA TOUR start as an amateur. The great Sam Snead was there to watch Tiger play.

Wired2Fish connected with Ott DeFoe during the prespawn on famed Sam Rayburn Reservoir to learn how he incorporates jerkbaits into his bass fishing season. Years of success has bred confidence in this lure category, and taught Ott to 1) don't overthink jerkbait fishing (cadence) and 2) it's not just a prespawn lure, rather a consistent producer of all bass species throughout the season
Water clarity is…

Derek W. Scott, DDS & Associates is your Kingwood, Atascocita, and Humble TX dentist, providing quality dental care for children, teens, and adults. Call today.

An empty bottle can often be quite a nuisance. It’s essentially a useless, hollow, bulky and heavy container that holds nothing, but occupies space in your bag. Space that could be used to carry other valuable stuff. While this isn’t an incredibly burdening problem, it’s an annoyance and an inconvenience that man could do without, so we can focus on the real issues (like global warming, or relocating to Mars); and that’s where the Space Shaker helps us. It takes our minds off…

Silverado Beverly Place gets into the spirit of Kwanzaa! The community in Los Angeles was visited by dancers and drummers from African Soul International (AS...

Derek W. Scott, DDS & Associates is your Kingwood, Atascocita, and Humble TX dentist, providing quality dental care for children, teens, and adults. Call today.

Derek W. Scott, DDS & Associates is your Kingwood, Atascocita, and Humble TX dentist, providing quality dental care for children, teens, and adults. Call today.

The women, from Ithaca, raised $12,500 so a nonprofit organization could forgive the past-due bills of about 1,300 state residents.

For decades now, dudes have loved gathering in college basements, suburban garages, and parking lots to throw ping pong balls at Solo cups.

Residents of the Loft at Silverado Beverly Place in Los Angeles slide down one of the tallest buildings in the city! The Sky Space is an observation deck on ...

Remember two days ago when Floyd Mayweather held an hour-long press conference in Tokyo to announce that he would be fighting 20-year-old kickboxing genius Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan on New Year’s Eve? Ha ha, it was all a misunderstanding, according to Mayweather, who announced in a lengthy Instagram post that he will not in fact be fighting Nasukawa, and that he never intended to fight him in the first place.

Mike Gans is a seventy-something Carmel Valley resident and Ed Ristow is an 80-something Encinitas resident. When you see them joking and laughing as they pi...

Residents of The Loft at Silverado Beverly Place in Los Angeles watched contestants display their talents at the first round of America's Got Talent. From si...

Drum Fit is a music therapy program designed by our own Director of Resident Engagement, Juliana Rocha, MT-BC. Group drumming perfectly illustrates our Nexus...

It's an interesting juxtaposition — tailored-meets-sport — that displays exactly where menswear is at the moment.