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Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Carol Stream, Ill. – With the baseball season winding down this month and playoffs looming, a few teams are poised to make a run for the championship. And in many ways, Team Concept Printing and Thermography (TEAM) is enjoying its own championship season. Located in Chicago’s western suburbs, the Carol Stream printer recognized its 20th anniversary…

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Gen Xers face unique financial challenges thanks to the impact of recessions, bubbles, and other economic hurdles. But here are 3 financial fixes for them.

Houston Computer and Network Support is an IT service provider helping Houston companies with: cabling services, cloud computing, hosted e-mail, exchange, servers, desktop PC's, firewalls and security, offsite backups, helpdesk, Hipaa Compliance, Medical Practice, Lawyers, Doctors, Oil & Gas, PCI Compliance.

It has been a busy summer season and we have so much to be thankful for
As always, we are very grateful to our dedicated staff, center volunteers, program volunteers, home-based rehabbers and summer interns, for their countless hours of service, both on-the-scene and behind-the-scenes and for our sponsors and donors who provide critical funding for our operations.
With YOUR help, we are proudly moving into our 40th year of caring for Texas wildlife!
We invite you to read on for TWRC news…

The Friends of the Frisco Public Library encourage gifts, endowments, and memorials for to the Library; to build awareness and public support for expanding library services, to provide direct financial assistance to the Library for the purchase of special and unusual good or services, which would be of great benefit, but cannot be purchased from the Library's budget

There's a lot to love about the holidays. The people, the music, the decorations, the trees, the entire feeling of the holiday season is a great one. Our

Building From Back Technical Dribbling Diagonal Switch Session - Coach Kevin Van Vreckem - Boynton Beach Knights FC Soccer Academy

Philipp Sitter, co-founder of the wildly successful King's Biergarten and BierHaus, opens a new breakfast concept of "elevated" Houston breakfast staples such as kolaches, egg sandwiches and breakfast tacos

These days, tiny homes – homes in the 100 to 400 square foot range – are becoming increasingly popular.

Nashville Roofing Contractors, Trusted by Residential and Commercial clients in Nashville, TN, New Roof and Roof Repair, Sheet Metal Roofing, Roof Restoration, Roof Replacement, Nashville, Tennessee BBB A+ roofing company serving since 1978.

Remote work has the potential to increase efficiency, but the movement requires apps, software and devices that will facilitate productivity from anywhere.

Before you wash your clothes inspect them to see if they really need washing. Sniff them, do they smell, are they crumpled, have you spilt a...

As Russia prepared to host the 2018 World Cup, Moscow was suddenly in the spotlight. But it has been a popular destination for expats since the fall of Communism in the late 1980s
It is, however, unlike any other expat city, with unusual politics, architecture, climate and attitudes: we take a look at how this might affect you as an expat.
Pro: historical & cultural wealth
Moscow is a remarkable city. It is home to the Bolshoi ballet, the Kremlin, the famous Metro,…

Customer Service Week, observed annually in the first full week of October, is about customer service excellence, but it’s also a great opportunity to engage and inspire your customer service teams.
Download our new eBook, 15 Ideas for Celebrating Customer Service Week, for some handy tips on making this Customer Service Week fun, memorable, and exciting for employees!

Microsoft is making some long overdue and welcome changes to Outlook to include the Windows and the Web-based version. People who use either one will now see a

Even when they have come to grips with defining brand equity, most offerings designed to get at brand equity merely scratch the surface of what’s going on.

Having withstood the tumult of more than 2,000 years, the grand and glorious Parthenon of Athens is nearly destroyed when a Venetian mortar round ignites Ottoman Turk gunpowder stored inside. Fourteen columns fall, the roof caves in, and myriad ancient sculptures are lost in the blast
New York's Winter Garden is overrun with Sharks and Jets as ' West Side Story ' begins its Broadway run. The musical, a gritty and controversial updating of Shakespeare's tragic tale of young love, will be…

The housing market has been anything but normal for the last eleven
years. In a normal real estate market, home prices appreciate 3.7%
annually. Below,...

We have asked our expats in Australia the most important aspects to take into account when you are planning a relocation here. And these are the top three tips:. From Crown Relocations Spain.

When specifying the impeller material for a non-clog sewage pump, how do you know whether to select cast iron or hard iron material?

Learn about how you can optimize your home for baby with safety solutions by Eaton.

90% of businesses are unaware of what they are spending when it comes to their desktop printer usage...just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unmanaged expenses that drive to reduce headcount. Managed Print Services (MPS) provide a strategy that helps you gain cost control and enhance employee productivity.

There are reasons you might want a particular element to show on all your website pages. Websitebuilder makes it easy.
A Morning ritual!
Coffee is as integral a part of American culture as McDonald’s, rock n’ roll, and blue jeans...

Think stepping inside a running printing press is truly impossible? Think again! Thanks to virtual reality (VR) technology, which can take any larger-than-life scenario and turn it into an accessible experience with the help of a state-of-the-art headset, PRINT 18 attendees can watch rollers roll and gears turn in a fully immersive exhibit-floor VR experience. This interactive virtual pressroom, which showcases the inner workings of big…

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oLearn when you should put fertilizer on the lawn in fall and the best time of day to fertilize lawn. Plus, should you fertilize lawn before or after rain

Microsoft has been making two major Windows 10 releases every year, giving businesses 18 months before they need to move to the next update. This plan and schedule is part of the company's

Rising home prices have been in the news a lot lately and much of the
focus has been on whether home prices are accelerating too quickly, as
well as how...