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As Addison Hemphill started her first semester at the University of Houston, something didn't feel right. Her classes were boring, and the campus didn't feel like home. The jets taking off overhead from nearby Hobby Airport as the Anahuac native hurried to class each day offered a glimpse of another life
Less than three years later, Hemphill walked along the tarmac at Ellington Airport for this weekend's Wings Over Houston aircraft showcase - a place that feels much more like home. That's where…

Some of Texas' more notorious serial killers has been put to death by the state while other remain in prison serving life sentences. But find out which one is scheduled to be released in 2018.

WASHINGTON (AP) - When the Justice Department unsealed criminal charges detailing a yearslong effort by a Russian troll farm to "sow division and discord in the U.S. political system," it was the first federal case alleging continued foreign interference in U.S. elections
Earlier Friday, American intelligence officials released a rare public statement asserting that Russia, China, Iran and other countries are engaged in ongoing efforts to…

Powerful data-mining tools allow today's campaigns to connect religious voters with their political viewpoints and to micro-target ads to fit their particular brand of faith.

TONITE ONLY! BUY 1 pizza, get 1 pizza free! PICK UP OR TAKE OUT ONLY! Astros Tribute night for an excellent season Sent Friday, October 19, 2018 View as plaintext
This is simple. Astros lost, we have the best pizza in town, and we need to drown our sorrows! BUY 1 Pizza, Get the 2nd Pizza FREE. TONITE ONLY. PICK UP and TAKE OUT ONLY