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Local and state officials are designing and constructing a multi-billion expansion to the Northeast Water Purification Plant expansion, which will help provide sustainable surface water to the region for the forseeable future.

BERLIN (AP) - With global temperatures rising, superstorms taking their deadly toll and a year-end deadline to firm up the Paris climate deal, leaders at this year's U.N. General Assembly are feeling a sense of urgency to keep up the momentum on combating climate change
That's why, in between discussing how to tackle wars, poverty and deadly diseases around the world, leaders will be devoting substantial time in New York this week to the question of global warming and how to rein it…

John Hard, also known as CaJohn or the godfather of hot sauce, divides hot sauces into two categories. "There's the burn-you-up spicy. And there's the mid-range sauces that add flavor."
There were plenty of both on display at the Texas Hot Sauce Festival held on Saturday and Sunday in the Bayou City Events Center, where over 100 vendors from as far as Omaha and San Diego gathered in Houston to show off their wares
Take, for instance, Black Mamba Six, one of Hard's…

The Texans' top-ranked running game skidded to a halt Sunday against the New York Giants.

Bert and Ernie are not gay. That I even have to say this is the problem, not the actual fact that they aren’t. This week, long-time Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman revealed that he wrote Bert and Ernie’s relationship as that of “a loving couple” and based it on his own relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman. Soon after, Sesame Workshop took to Twitter with a denial — not just of Bert and Ernie’s romantic relationship but of the very concept of sexual…

SHENANDOAH - The Woodlands scored in the final minute to top rival College Park 24-17 on Friday at Woodforest Bank Stadium.

LAREDO, Texas (AP) - Friends and family gathered for funerals in Laredo, Texas, for two of the women authorities say were killed by a Border Patrol agent who has been described as a serial killer
Funerals were held Friday for 42-year-old Claudine Luera and 28-year-old Janelle Ortiz, a transgender woman whose birth name was Humberto Ortiz
Authorities say Border Patrol supervisor Juan David Ortiz is accused…

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BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (AP) - A funeral will be held Friday for a New York mother recognized by President Donald Trump for turning grief over her daughter's suspected gang killing into a crusade against MS-13
Evelyn Rodriguez, 50, was struck and killed by an SUV on Sept. 14 after a heated confrontation with the driver over the placement of a memorial to her slain daughter, Kayla Cuevas. Rodriguez and another person were seen standing in the street and yelling at the driver of the…

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - A suburban Fort Worth couple accused of enslaving a Guinean woman for 16 years has been indicted on federal charges that include forced labor
A grand jury on Wednesday indicted Mohamed Toure and Denise Cros-Toure, who are the son and daughter-in-law of a former president of the West African country of Guinea.
An affidavit says they brought the victim, then aged at least 5 years but perhaps as old as 13, from her rural Guinean village in 2000.…

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Researchers stimulated neurons to regrow across scarred spinal tissue in rodents.

'Fortnite' has officially taken over everyone's lives, even athletes. Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price was sidelined last week due to carpel tunnel syndrome he has developed in his hand. It's not 100% certain that 'Fortnite' is the main culpri...