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Invisalign Express can be expected to cost anywhere between $1800 and $3500. This very affordable pricing is due primarily to the fact that express treatment requires less total aligners.

With early treating fractured a tooth, the tooth can be saved and you can prevent additional damage to the tooth, infections, and the pain, and discomfort that usually accompany damaged teeth.

Katy Taste Fest 2018 featured more than 35 local restaurants sampling bites including Indian, barbecue, Mexican and Chinese to benefit Katy-area charities.

There are a couple of popular theories about alternatives to root canals, but beware: not all of them are effective and safe. Find out more about root canal alternatives, here.

Kingwood Park and Friendswood will meet in the Region III-5A volleyball finals after defeating Foster and Rouse, respectively, on Friday at Delmar Fieldhouse.

Jack D. Young, who was high on pills and marijuana, killed 13 elderly passengers who were returning from a retreat in March 2017.

NEW CANEY - Zion Childress rushed in a 4-yard touchdown to give New Caney a 34-28 double-overtime win over rival Porter in the Battle Line on 59 on Friday night.

PARIS (AP) - Unleashed by an archduke's assassination, World War I gradually entangled more and more countries, killing millions of soldiers and civilians and touching multiple continents
As the world marks 100 years since the fighting stopped, here is a look at some key moments in WWI
June 28: Serb teenager Gavrilo Princip kills Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand
July 28: Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia…

SHENANDOAH - Klein defeated College Park 49-10 to claim the final playoff spot in District 15-6A at Woodforest Bank Stadium on Thursday.

Talk about his prospects as a presidential contender in 2020 or beyond was inevitable after O'Rourke's record-breaking haul of $70 million in a narrow loss to Sen. Ted Cruz.

Though he raised millions and galvanized many Texans to vote, his challenge to incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz failed for several reasons.

A sensitive test accurately screened blood samples for the presence of any of the more than 300 bacteria known to cause disease in people.

Researchers discovered a set of brain cells that keeps track of time in mice. The study suggests that there are separate brain circuits for recording information about time and places.

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This video describes what diabetes is, the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, possible complications, and ways to manage the disease. Diabetes i...