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Nick’s Plumbing and Sewer Services is pleased to announce that they have now accumulated over 500 positive reviews on Google from happy commercial and

Does your computer contain a Qualcomm wireless network adapter? If so, be aware that Microsoft is warning you that your system may suffer a sporadic loss of Wi-Fi connectivity after installing the Windows 10 update. The update was released in...

Don't let your retirement dollars idle away! Put your money to work! Invest it in your own business and let your money work for you!
You can use cash from your 401(k) or IRA account to purchase a business without incurring early distribution penalties

Wind energy producer EDP Renewables of Spain announced that its Houston-based subsidiary, EDP Renewables North America, inked a 20 year power purchase agreement to supply solar power and energy storage to East Bay Community Energy, a community electric provider in California.

The attorney said running water is so bad that mothers save any bottled water they can to mix with baby formula. The stories she heard from people in the shelter echo tales at other facilities, where people say conditions are substandard.

Linux systems aren't targeted by hackers as often as Windows and iOS-based systems, but they're certainly not immune. Recently, security researchers have discovered a new strain of malware developed by Chinese hackers, specifically for the purpose of targeting Linux-based systems....

Airports are complicated. There are countless moving parts in and around them, from passengers to baggage, ground transportation to cargo, and from airport staff to the planes themselves. And airports serve multiple uses — they’re industrial buildings with a hospitality component and a civic duty. One of the most important tasks of an airport is …

LifeWay breakfast attendees at the 2019 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting heard a report on the importance of Vacation Bible School in the local church's evangelism and discipleship of children.

A large fire broke out early Friday at an oil refinery in Philadelphia, rattling the area with at least one booming explosion and lighting up the dark sky with huge balls of gas and flame.

With a 3.7% unemployment rate throughout the state, experts say Texas’ economy is flying high, largely due to its economic might. According to a new study from WalletHub, Texas is the 12th best economy in the nation for 2019. The study cites the state’s overall... #ChairRuthHughs #JillGonzalez

Their increased confidence is causing more than a few small business owners to grow their businesses--and their benefits.

In the earliest days of the smartphone, there were only a few apps that people could use to perform genuinely useful work. Sure, they were handy for keeping your contacts all in one place and reminding you of appointments, but...

Teen Vogue Goes Rogue: Yet Another Moral Boundary Falls
Sexual Liberation and the Normalization of Prostitution? When a Society Loses its Mind
Most Southern Baptists Would Actually Welcome a Female Pastor? Really? A Closer Look at a Recent Headline

My peace belongs to me, but it is so easy to give it away or let someone take it. One gem I have heard in Al‑Anon meetings is “Don’t take the bait.” I may be quite happy and in a good mood, but if a loved one makes a criticism and I choose to

Just how comfortable would you feel opening your home to a complete stranger? Imagine walking away, knowing that someone you’ve never met is wandering...

Not all of us have the design know-how to get our HGTV show, but that doesn’t mean we need an interior designer to fill a blank wall.

How do you pick the best loan term for you? See tips for picking a loan term for your home mortgage that best suits your financial goals.

Work smarter and faster while improving bottom line and maintaining a strong sense of environmental awareness. With the latest Xerox technology, it's easy to make your office a greener environment, all while you perform everyday functions.