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Businesses should create separate promotional and customer service accounts on social media, and harness the expertise of employees for both, writes Megan Totka. Use chat features only if your business can provide instant responses and create a digital knowledge base to let prospects find answers for themselves, she suggests.

How does buying and selling at the same time work? Will I need a home sale contingency? Can I make my home sale contingent on finding another property?

For literally centuries, natural, exposed interior brick has added charm to homes and businesses around the world. Because brick is made from soil-based clay, it has a natural patina and texture that is warm, comforting and impossible to replicate. However, long-term exposure to unattended water leaks can make a brick wall or fireplace appear damaged – whether it is or not
In such a case, some…

Tim Harris is the only restaurant owner in the country with Down syndrome, but he's closing down to pursue his other love

U.S. coal inventories are at their lowest point in four years, the result of electricity generators in Texas and elsewhere retiring their coal-fired power plants.

CenterPoint Energy is passing along its savings in federal taxes at the request of state regulators by proposing to reduce average residential bills by 58 cents each month.

Recently Cheech Marin received a $9.7 million grant from the state of California to go towards completing a museum building to house the actor and comedian’s collection of Chicano art. Named “The Cheech Marin Center” (and colloquially called “The Cheech”), the center is a partnership between Marin, the City of Riverside, and the Riverside Art Museum, to which Marin has gifted his collection
Marin’s $9.7 million…

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The SBA provides loans to small businesses that may not qualify for a standard loan through a bank or alternative lender.

Two decades ago, company multiples of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) — the key element in a company's price tag when it's being bought or sold — were roughly half of what they are today. Investment firms are enjoying those prices on the sell side. But on the buy side, that trend is making it increasingly difficult for funds and their investors to make as much as they used to as that margin between buying and selling gets squeezed by…

Friday, August 17, 2018
The Texas economy is the fastest-growing in the nation. More Texans are working than ever before as the Lone Star State leads in private-sector job creation — over the month, over the year and over the past 10 years. And jobs in Texas are now on pace for the strongest growth in four years
This is not accidental.
Over the past four years in my first term as governor, we've spurred the Texas economy by cutting taxes and regulations,…

The First Dallas iCampus is an online experience for the believer, the searcher, and the doubter to virtually join and interact with the First Dallas family every week for worship and sound, biblical teaching. Our iCampus team members will be standing by to greet, chat, and pray with you.

Instagram Name Tags allows you to create an image allowing people to follow you by using their Instagram stories camera to scan it. Find out how to use it.

Gene Fowler on a show of revolutionary DIY art in Austin.
Art movements, of course, are never tidy chronologies that we can wrap up and rest easy about, secure that we’ve nailed down every aspect. They’re messy and a little bit hysterical, and they’re supposed to be that way. From the Page to the Street serves as a brilliant reminder.

Under normal circumstances, auto insurance rates aren’t something we give a whole lot of thought to during the day

I’m looking for a part time studio manager in Houston, TX! Responsibilities include: 1. Communicating with studio assistant, art handlers, collectors as well as the general public 2. Handling standard paperwork 3. Organizing and planning events, deliveries, pick ups, etc. 4. General computer skills ...

Follow these office etiquette tips in seconds. Your co-workers will thank you. Quick tip? Bring snacks. But better make sure they’re tasty. For real. What’s ...

When I attended my first Al‑Anon meeting, my denial was so thick I did not recognize there was any alcoholism in my family. I thought the problem was me.
It was my good fortune to attend my first Al‑Anon meeting in Seattle. It was a large meeting that broke into smaller groups. One of the

Like most foods that hold sway with our taste buds and memories, fried chicken is something that people definitely have opinions about. We asked readers for some of their go-tos for the crispy bird and you answered.

Harvest Ideas at the Fall Fort Worth Home & Garden Show
The 28th Annual Fort Worth Texas Home & Garden Show provides homeowners with a convenient, one-stop shopping experience and the opportunity to find the perfect company for all your home improvement projects. August 17th-19th in the Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall at the Will Rogers Memorial Center you’ll find everything you need to get your…

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Read nine ways your DUI could affect your job and future employment opportunities.

Free Fun Fridays are back for summer of 2018! Free Fun Fridays gives children and families an opportunity to visit many of the best museums & other venues available in Massachusetts free of charge. Every Friday, from the end of June through the end of August, 10 venues are open for free throughout Massachusetts. That's 100 Things to Do - 10 Fridays - 100% Free. Check out the list below for sites open for free on August 17th.10 Sites Open For Free Friday…

Find The Right College Roommate Living space with the right roommate will make your living experience a lot better. You split the rent, household chores and groceries. You also want to ask each other when you decide to throw a party. Make a list of who is bringing what so you do not duplicate your

On Thursday, August 9th, Weingarten Realty celebrated the groundbreaking on construction of the 30-story residential luxury high rise, The Driscoll at River Oaks, located in the River Oaks Shopping Center.

TROY - A Castleton demolition company that was hired to tear down several buildings on King Street in 2013 pleaded guilty recently to violating the Clean Air Act and admitted that one of its employees had falsified federal documents by claiming asbestos was not present at the site
The guilty plea by M. Cristo Inc., which is owned by Michael Cristo, follows a years-long investigation by the FBI and state attorney general's office that had also focused on the decision by city officials…