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A growing body of evidence supports the effectiveness of green tea for weight loss by increasing metabolism and other benefits.

[Houston,TX] Where have you laughed the hardest? Where was your faith in humanity restored? Where did you feel the intensity of your own cruelty? Have you ever felt lost in the haze of another world and looked back at the world you left behind? Can you recall a period in your life that no longer seems real, not just because of a temporal distance, but a chasm of trauma that your mind cannot cross, as if the former you entered and emerged a…

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The best foods for weight loss are natural and organic foods that are free from GMOs. Specifically, the best foods for weight loss are fruits and vegetables.

Adoption Services 1(800)943-0400. Adoption Services is a non-profit adoption agency able to assist in adoptions nationwide. We also help pregnant women and birth mothers by providing free information on financial and medical assistance programs.

June 2 – September 3
A show featuring works by Cuban printmaker Belkis Ayón (1967-1999). “The exhibition presents 47 prints that encompass a wide range of the artist’s graphic production from 1984 until her untimely passing in 1999. Ayón mined the founding narrative of the Afro-Cuban fraternal society called Abakuá to create an independent and powerful visual iconography. She is highly regarded for her signature technique…

Even though the emerald ash borer already has done most of its damage in the Barrington area, officials again are starting up programs to keep the pesky beetle at bay.

How to load a tape gun, how to reload a tape dispenser, How to change a tape gun

There are a lot of questions surrounding the question when is leasing a forklift the right choice? Toyota Material Handling has an e-book for download you should consider. Click this link for access to that paper
Acquiring a forklift or a fleet of forklifts can have a major positive ROI for companies that carefully do their homework and get the best possible equipment for their operation. But choosing the right forklift is only one part of maximizing ROI for your capital equipment. You…

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Weight loss success numbers indicate most people aren't willing to comply with a lifestyle of healthy food and exercise. These tips can help you stick with it.

July ASSP/AIHA Monthly Meeting Thursday, July 5th, 2018 11am - 1pm ***REGISTER NOW AND SAVE! EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION $15! ENDS JUNE 24th! AFTER JUNE

The first Lillian Warren paintings I saw were at the Pearl Fincher Museum , in Spring, Texas, in 2012. Those paintings were based on photographs she had taken from her moving car. The most interesting pictures in the show were of traffic jams, based on photos taken from behind Warren’s windshield. Interestingly, she only painted the cars. The backgrounds were white — neither the road nor the roadside nor the sky were depicted. It was as if the cars were floating in a…

In the past, testing was time-consuming, error-prone and tedious. With Teaching Assistant it's as easy as making a copy.

Another week, another new threat. This time, in the form of a new strain of malware that researchers are calling InvisiMole. The new threat was discovered by researchers at ESET, who found it on a number of hacked computers in...

"[O]nly 13 percent of companies can be considered 'leaders' in leveraging customer data," stated a report by Treasure Data and Forbes Insights, and the businesses classified as leaders achieved 26% revenue returns compared with the 8% achieved by "laggards." Eighty-one percent of marketers said data was used only by senior executives to inform strategy and just 26% said employees use data in their work.

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On a back roads drive to the western North Carolina mountains, we always pass by a scenic little farm whose crowning glory is a row of majestic purple leaf plum

Acme Brick recently opened a new showroom and warehouse in Springdale, Ark.

Maria was very helpful online. The first person to help me seemed to know less.

As my husband’s drinking got worse, I found myself drifting away from my friends because I didn't want them to see what was going on. I stopped inviting people to the house because I wasn't sure what mood he would be in, and I stopped accepting invitations because I wasn't sure what I would

Most arborists own tree-trimming companies but some are just consultants. Make sure the arborist you hire actually trims trees.

"The Little City That Could," a story about Katy and its residents helping each other in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, is a finalist in the Reader's Digest contest "Nicest Places in America."
The story is by Trish Johnson, a longtime Katy resident who has written for local newspapers, including as a freelancer for the Houston Chronicle
The Reader's Digest website says that the story is named a finalist because: " Katy exemplifies the amazing way the people of Southeast Texas responded to…

In Georgetown, Texas, residents have seen an evolution now that the city is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Negotiating, contracting and buying business travel. Best practices in key performance indicators, benchmarking and understanding the market dynamics that drive corporate travel agreements.